Monday, March 31, 2014

suicidal actress - tweaker guy - chainsaw maniac


i'm on top of a brick building in some city. it's night time. there is some kind of ruckus going on below. firetrucks, people running. i can't tell what started it but it looks like bedlam.

eventually i am hearing about this young actress named savannah. she is blonde and cute and clinically depressed. she tried to kill herself once with pills but only ended up sick. the second time, she tried to drown herself in the back of a speedboat. i can see the white boat sinking in the back and the water rising over the seats.. she drank heavily because she thought it would be easier. wearing a white bikini, she goes under the water and someone yanks her out. her eye makeup is all streaky.

later i change into a thin tweaker guy. someone is setting me up on a date with this suicidal girl. i ride my bmx style motorcyle over to her house. it's night time. the house has no front walls, so you can see right inside. i pull up and there is a couple snuggling on the couch. the guy says something to the girl about sleeping with all his friends and they get into a fight. screw this, i think. i leave my bike behind without even knocking on the door (which isn't there either) and start walking home.

i get down the block and it suddenly feels like i'm delivering pizzas. a masked, chainsaw-wielding crazy person jumps out from behind a fence. i am startled, but before i have a chance to run, he chops my left arm off. i don't drop the pizza in my right hand. finally i wake up.

the end?

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