Sunday, January 18, 2015

moving to a small blue house with a huge pipe organ

well yesterday morning i woke up after dreaming for what seemed like days about zombies. there was literally too much to type it all up. today's dream was different.

we had moved to a small blue house in the downtown area. which was odd, because later when you looked out certain windows it was cornfields as far as the eye could see. inside the house was a lot of custom stucco. rounded entry-ways, curved edges, a long tunnel to the kitchen. the basement was small and unfinished. i could see it through a grate in the floor. i was bummed that the band didn't have a place to practice. the floors were all dark wood planks. it seemed kinda small. after being there a while i stumbled on a door i didn't remember being there. past the door was a large room off the main entry to the house. i think there was some furniture in one end. on the other end were two wooden doors about 30 feet tall. the handles were 15 feet in the air. somehow i got them opened and inside was a giant pipe organ looking thing. at first i didn't see any keys. then i started fidgeting with it and found them covered up. once i removed the cover i noticed all the keys on once side were black and the other side was white. above the normal row of keys was another smaller row, all brown. above those, in a semicircular pattern from left to right, were what looked like typewriter keys. each one had a small icon on the end, like a skull, or a pair of dice. i started pressing each one and they were various percussion sounds. handclap here, shaker, snare drum, etc. i'm pressing all the keys finally and making a racket. to the left of my foot are pedals to play chords.

suddenly my wife yells that dave grohl is there. he probably wants to shoot a video about the pipe organ. i ignore him and keep making noise with the thing. eventually he leaves and i am still at the organ. later i see through the window some kids carrying gear into a house. one of them comes to our porch and asks if we're going to call the cops on them if they have a loud house party. we laugh.

at some point we leave. when we come back there is a burgler in the house, but i'm in such a good mood, i don't recognize him as a burgler and start asking him questions. eventually i figure out that my wife is freaked out so i detain him. but i can't remember much else.

the end?

Sunday, January 4, 2015

the song that invented rock and roll, the shadow creature from the sea


i'm a 14 year old kid wandering around in a post office / hotel lobby. seems like i'm very poor. i may have been begging people for money. for some reason i get inspired and, using a sea shell and some toilet paper, i record a song. the guitar part seems like it was already there, because i never see the guitar. but it's a blues progression with an uptempo groove. i scat lyrics over the top of the guitar and everything seems divinely inspired, as i was channeling "from beyond the source of all understanding". i soon learn the song isn't just any song, it's the most important song ever, as it's "the song that invented rock and roll".

i remembered in the dream being really glad i got a copy of the song recorded somehow. most dreams end and i don't have the proof of what happened, but this feels different. after i listened back to the song, i uploaded it on bluetunes, which is like youtube for songs. eventually i am asking people for money for a hotel room. a security guard who looks like christopher meloni from Law & Order: SVU comes up and starts to throw me out. i get out the sea shell and play him the song and make up some story about it. he quickly is amazed and arranges a hotel room for me to stay in. once i confessed to him that i wasn't an old bluesman (but actually a 14 year old kid), he became enraged and cancelled the reservation. then i'm pretty sure he threw me out.

i knew the song was good, but i looked at bluetunes again and it was already over 5,000 hits. then i played it for some musician friends who all marveled at the hilarious yet poetic scat lyrics that i can't remember now. later on, the song was up to 5 million hits.

but before that point, chuck brown showed up in a 1970 buick riviera to give me a ride. in the passenger seat is gary busey, so i hop in the back. we're driving in shallow water along a beach. we're heading southwest, more or less towards a deep orange sunset. on our right is a thick forest of palm trees. we start talking about this or that and end up arguing about interstate highways and traffic jams. eventually i pull out the sea shell and play them the song. they both recognize instantly that the song was divinely inspired. then gary busey talked about his spirit experience.

suddenly, a huge, dark wave races towards us from the ocean. it looks like a whale or a submarine. before we can even ask what it is, it crashes into the front of the car, knocking us out of the water and into the trees. in the melee, i catch glimpses of it even though it seems to move at the speed of light. it's solid black. in an instant it reaches out with laser arms into the car and touches gary busey and myself. i get a cold chill of fear down my spine. it's a shadow person, but the size of a school bus. it takes off down the beach. as scared as we are, we run after it. soon we end up back at the post office / hotel and it's grabbed someone, putting itself inside the person. i call out and it lets go and runs past me. now it looks like it's wearing a trench coat and hat, but it's still 30 feet tall. i confront the thing, yelling at it and scolding it. it appears to change emotionally. it looks remorseful and slinks off into the sea

the end?