Monday, July 29, 2013

heavy metal video shoot

this morning's dream was disturbing.

i was shooting a music video, for an unnamed metal band. we did an open casting call and had 3 or 4 film crews show up as well. in a big greyish blue, 'haunted house' themed room, there were about 40 or 50 metalheads surrounding the 'band' (which i couldn't see). one of the film crew guys took over and started yelling directions. the music started and everyone was pumping their fists and raging into the cameras. then the violence started. i can't tell if they were fighting or stabbing one another, but when the guy yelled "cut!" everyone was fine. there was a brief period where people stood around while the footage from each film crew was reviewed. then someone dismissed all the film crews except the one with the best footage. except this someone was also in that film crew. it was also at this time the rest of the film crews found out they wouldn't be compensated for their time. they packed their gear and left. i wanted to at least see what footage they had, but things were already moving on without me.

they started shooting some b-roll shots. everyone was cleared out of the room except a sword wielding ninja-metal guy. tape is rolling and sword ninja is going bonkers, slashing everything. his big finale was slicing the back wall in half from the top down. when he did, he also split a face in half that was just behind the drywall. it came forward and got stuck as blood oozed out. everyone freaked. but was it real? i was sure it was a fan hiding in the set but later convinced myself it was a prop.

a bunch more stuff happened in that sequence that i can't remember.

later i was sitting on a concrete porch of a house next to a gas station. there were about 8 'mourners' dressed in robes with hoods outside in the grass. a friend came up and asked what they were doing here. i told them they were in mourning and had been here for days, maybe weeks. he said so and so died a few years ago and left in disgust.

the end?

Friday, July 26, 2013

the shopping mall band feat. biz markie

this morning i had a dream i was stealing dinnerware from a Shoneys type restaurant. i was dressed like i worked there, jamming silverware in my apron, filling a cart with glasses, pitchers, whatever, and rolling them out to the parking lot.

later, i met lara spencer from good morning america at the shopping mall. she seemed to be strung out and you could tell she'd been crying. she had a sad story about being dumped repeatedly so i felt sorry for her. later we became an item.

at some point she aged 40 years and we started a band to make a living (all in the shopping mall). the band wasn't making any money but we ran into biz markie who was also looking for a gig, so we asked him to join. the three of us played in front of the fountain at the mall, 24-7. hoping to catch the pennies people were using for wishes, i think.

the end?

Friday, July 19, 2013

every band needs an underground bunker in the woods

dream this morning:

there's a conversation about rain barrels and we're near some cleared farm land. we take a ride deep into the woods on a dirt road. the woods look very much like the ones behind my childhood home. after a while we come to a nondescript black structure that looks like it's made out of solid graphite. i can't see a roof. it's about the size of a small garage.

inside is an elevator that goes down four stories into the earth. there's some popular rock band who took their millions and built it. they are a bunch of professional skaters. they sound like Minus the Bear or whatever that style is called. it's part fallout shelter, part underground fortress and part rehearsal space. everything is flat black and coated with metal or marble. they tell me it's a 'long term construction' and 'friends can come over'.

on the second level down we stop. one of the guys in the band tells me he's been working on this 'sculpture' which is actually a carving into a wall between two elevators. it looks like he started with one thing and then changed his mind. he's asking my opinion. should it be a cartoonish image of a guy chugging a beer? i tell him 'i guess so?' but deep down i think it looks really dumb. i think one of the guys in the band was a huge drug addict (and is dead or off in rehab) and maybe the first version was him shooting up or something, then they modified the sculpture to be about drinking too much. either way it sucks.

we go down to the bottom level. there's an 'underground metal' show going on (pun intended?). i think it's a noisy metalcore band called Basilisk. it's so packed the crowd is halfway up the emergency stairs. i decide to wait until it's over. i run into some Coffinworm dudes and we're talking about how every band needs an underground fortress.

finally the noisy band is done and people are taking the elevators. the crowd thins so i go down the stairs and Monster Magnet is setting up. nobody in this crowd knows who they are, and those that do don't even care. i'm waiting for them to start jamming out in this underground bunker and it gets really cold. it's so cold i think there must be a ghost sucking the energy out of the room. as i turn to mention the ghostly cold to someone, i realize i am in bed, sleeping. my arm is hanging over the ice cold air blowing from a vent . then i'm awake and i can't get back to the bunker. show goes on without me. fak.

the end?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

george takei as jane roberts?

Jul 17, 2013 9:38am so i had a dream they were making a big budget movie about the seth material and i was going to be in it, but george takei was playing jane.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

the mad scientist wants to live

i had a dream that i was a mad scientist who looked exactly like david bowie. my main focus was research on the undead. i had done very bad things in studying them and may have killed some people in order to watch them turn (although that is based purely on the overwhelming guilt i felt). 

there was a bunch of them in my basement and somehow they had escaped their cages. in the melee, i was attacked and bitten. my strange looking (ann coulter?) scientist wife and i may have unwittingly released the undead on the city. we were on the run. we ended up in an abandoned school bus, tending to our wounds. i decided to take the suicide pills. 

my wife left. (to get help?) i lay bleeding in a fevered state in the back of the school bus... waiting to die. consciousness faded in and out. shifting between reincarnational existences. one was myself yet not myself in a different time, a different band. another one i was black and in prison. i faded to myself in bed, still not clarifying that it was a dream. the focus shifted back to the scientist in the bus.

i was remembering now, memories of the scientist. there was a large open park with hills and ponds. a small bike path ran through it. i was on my  bicycle riding through, and near the end of the trail there was a small house. i saw a pile of sunflower plants and decided to steal them. but it was nearly impossible to ride the bike and carry them all.

i wake up on the bus and my wife is there. i tell her i don't want to die, i think i can survive the suicide pills. i feel terrible though. weak and sick. she looks at me like i'm already dead. like she's already moved on. but my survival instincts are kicking in, i'm going to make it. although i will probably end up on the run for the rest of my life.

then i wake up in my own bed, feeling awful. feeling like i carried the effect of the pills into this life. 'i don't wanna die from a dream pill' i think to myself. 'no one will know what happened... uhhh' and then i wrote down the dream and went back to sleep.

the end?