Monday, July 29, 2013

heavy metal video shoot

this morning's dream was disturbing.

i was shooting a music video, for an unnamed metal band. we did an open casting call and had 3 or 4 film crews show up as well. in a big greyish blue, 'haunted house' themed room, there were about 40 or 50 metalheads surrounding the 'band' (which i couldn't see). one of the film crew guys took over and started yelling directions. the music started and everyone was pumping their fists and raging into the cameras. then the violence started. i can't tell if they were fighting or stabbing one another, but when the guy yelled "cut!" everyone was fine. there was a brief period where people stood around while the footage from each film crew was reviewed. then someone dismissed all the film crews except the one with the best footage. except this someone was also in that film crew. it was also at this time the rest of the film crews found out they wouldn't be compensated for their time. they packed their gear and left. i wanted to at least see what footage they had, but things were already moving on without me.

they started shooting some b-roll shots. everyone was cleared out of the room except a sword wielding ninja-metal guy. tape is rolling and sword ninja is going bonkers, slashing everything. his big finale was slicing the back wall in half from the top down. when he did, he also split a face in half that was just behind the drywall. it came forward and got stuck as blood oozed out. everyone freaked. but was it real? i was sure it was a fan hiding in the set but later convinced myself it was a prop.

a bunch more stuff happened in that sequence that i can't remember.

later i was sitting on a concrete porch of a house next to a gas station. there were about 8 'mourners' dressed in robes with hoods outside in the grass. a friend came up and asked what they were doing here. i told them they were in mourning and had been here for days, maybe weeks. he said so and so died a few years ago and left in disgust.

the end?

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