Tuesday, May 20, 2014

big show for which band?


i was at some big venue that was totally packed. seemed like it might have been pepsi coliseum or something similar. i'm here to see the big show. eventually lazyhawk finds me wandering the halls. "are you ready to play? you start in five minutes!" this sets in a panic, as i don't know which band he's talking about. then i realize neither band has practiced for the show so it doesn't matter, it's going to sound sloppy. this goes on a for a long while, but i never get to the part where we start playing.

the end?

Monday, May 19, 2014

tiny brown piglet w/ wolf


we're in the backyard of a new house. it is surrounded by chain link fencing. we're playing with the cats. suddenly i see a tiny brown piglet, about the size of a potato. i point to it. despite standing very close to it she can't see it. i point again at the piglet as it starts to move. it's super cute. she still can't see it because of a small tree in the yard. eventually i realize there is a wolf attached to the piglet by a small string that runs into the wolf's mouth. i start to panic trying to figure out how to save the piglet. i can't remember beyond that point.

the end?

Friday, May 16, 2014

on vacation, rental home renovations, underwear riding


my wife and i were on vacation somewhere, probably vegas. we rented some house instead of staying at a hotel. for some reason she gets mad at me and decided she would renovate the house. she ripped up some floor tiles and part of a wall. there would also be painting involved. i tried to argue that it wasn't our house, (and we were on vacation!) to no avail. eventually i had to leave so i grabbed a motorcycle and took off. i think it belonged to the homeowner. anyway, i am blocks away at a stop light when i realize i am wearing only tighty-whiteys. i have to get back to the house and get my pants. i make a u-turn and head into some neighborhood. i ride the motorcycle down an alley and up into someone's backyard. finally riding it into their open backdoor. there are people in the house, and i try to explain to them i just need to get home and put on some pants, "i'm on vacation," i say. turns out it is some girl i went to high school who lives there. and her husband i also know from somewhere. we start remembering the old times and head to a burger king. we're eating whoppers and talking and finally i remember i am not wearing pants. so i head outside to get the motorcycle and it's gone. someone took it. now i have to walk back and i'm not even sure where i am.

the end?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

huge family dinner, sleeping = good, broken glasses


i'm sleeping in a cubbyhole adjacent to a big dining room. my mom is trying to wake me up because the entire family (and several other families, apparently) are over for some holiday dinner. i am in and out of a dream and getting irritated, so i curse and yell. allegedly everyone hears and is offended. finally i wake up and go into the dining area (or one of the dining areas) and knock over an entire bowl of peas and bacon. don't mess with me! finally i go up the stairs of this house (which looks like a mansion) and open a door. there are a bunch of little kids in there, all dressed up. i introduce myself and we become fast friends. waking up is yucky, they say.

later i'm walking down a street with a line of trees in the middle of it. my glasses suddenly fly off my head, i think because my head is getting too big. the glasses fly in two sections and land about 50 feet away. i run over to pick them up and they are broken in the center. i put them on even though they are broken and they fall off, over and over.

the end?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

two giant arm gashes vs. foam healing worm

yesterday i had a dream i was hanging out with MSNBC's alex wagner. while sitting around with friends, i realized there was something gnawing on my right arm. i looked down to see two huge gashes on my forearm. they were an inch wide and a few inches long. on the left one was what looked to be a giant worm made of 'foam' that was part of my own cells. the worm had a head that was chewing the seams together to make it heal. we all watched in amazement. it was three times bigger than the biggest caterpillar. eventually it healed the cut all the way up and the worm disintegrated and fell off. the cut on the right became bigger though, and went all the way down to my thumb. it didn't hurt. i was showing it off like a battle wound. what?

the end?

Friday, May 2, 2014

jurassic park / alien mask / kiss nugent party


today i dreamed that i was at a huge festival show. i ended up onstage with lamb of god and randy was trying to make me sing some part of some song. later i was on a bus riding to kid rock's house.

yesterday's dream:

we were flying in a ship with an open top, like a boat. we're high above some nature preserve / park that is full of large dinosaurs and other massive creatures. leaning over the edge in disbelief, i can see an epic battle going on below. as we go a little lower we fly over some water. a huge whale-sized black shark fish thing with lots of teeth comes out of the water and flies right up below us and grabs the corner of the ship. the pilot speeds up and the entire craft shakes for  a second before the shark fish lets go and drops back into the water.

next we're at a party and someone there is looking for me. i put on my alien mask and pretend i'm someone else. this allows me to hear all the conversation about me. mostly about expectations of some sort.

eventually i am at someone's house for a different party. we're in the basement. allegedly KISS is playing. the equipment is all set up but the band hasn't shown up. suddenly ted nugent shows up and says he is filling in, by himself. he takes off his shirt and tries to look tough as he starts singing KISS songs. everyone starts filing out.

the end?