Monday, September 12, 2016

Hit and Run, Changing Reality, Eating Crickets


i can't remember the long beginning part, but at some point i was driving in my car. it looked like a different city but i knew my way around. traffic was kind of thick and i was making a left. the light turned yellow so i pulled into the intersection. there were too many vehicles backed up so the back of the car was in the path of oncoming cars. of course some woman sped past and clipped my car on the front and back. some major damage. i go into panic mode as i just got my car back after several months in the shop in real life. the driver didn't stop, but no one cared. i went to some police substation or traffic office to ask about my rights and they ignored me. eventually i am telling my wife and she is super pissed.

after freaking out for a long while, it dawns on me that i can just roll back reality to the moment before and change it so it never happened. of course my wife is skeptical. after wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do that, and when i am about to give up, i wake up. i realize i was asleep and it never happened. i doze back off to the dream and my dream-self is aware that the accident never happened. now i am seeing visions of dreams and lives that overlap and realities that are changed via dreams. don't like what happens? dream a different life and wake up in it. so easy! this all seems like amazing factual information and i feel like a dream genius.

eventually the dream changes several times (can't remember) and at the end i'm hanging out in some girls apartment with a bunch of friends. they are all eating deep fried crickets off the floor like popcorn. as everyone is laughing and crunching, i see a live one and point him out. "he's alive! get him!" and everyone laughs and laughs. and then i wake up.