Sunday, December 23, 2012

harley-davidson themed hooters party - snoop deuce

dream: was at a harley-davidson themed hooters party in the back of a 'marie claire' outlet store inside a large shopping mall. someone forgot something so we got in the limo and ran to my friend pam's (new?) house. it had a giant deck that ran all the way around it and it was full of people sitting at tables and eating. there was a large lookout tower / spire that was also new, which surprised me. we were waiting out on the deck when snoop dogg (lion?) showed up wearing a hospital gown. he took one look at the people eating and said "this is bulllllshiiiz" then took a big, liquid dump right there, although no one realized it for a minute. they were applauding then gasping and saying "aww" and "noooo". i woke up and ran to the bathroom. the end.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

the candy locust

dream: i had a dream i discovered a new (ancient) species: the candy locust. i was in some apartment and popped opened a geode from a previous jungle adventure. inside was a white cocoon with something inside it. as soon as i touched it it came to life and started flying around the room. it was huge, light green with red legs, 6 inch wings, with edible red, white and blue candy going down it's back. was trying to get a pic on the iphone but it kept moving. i finally googled it and found it was an ancestor of a current species, the candy cane grasshopper. i had to trap it in a different room to keep it safe because we had to leave. the end?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

mango quiet time