Sunday, June 18, 2017

giant mexican farmhouse - casino in the clouds dream come true - trump & dave mustaine


the dream starts where i'm working in a dark warehouse. big racks of stuff and a forklift. there are skids of furniture and machines and giant scraps of metal. i end up 20 feet up trying to find something and i fall backwards but catch myself on a thin wire railing.

the warehouse is attached to a giant farmhouse. we end up inside and there are many details i can't remember here, asking off work, getting in trouble with the boss, trying not to get fired. 

the house is somewhere in texas and is owned by some super rich mexican american with political ties. he has enemies and ends up dead, but the many workers in the house keep busy and act like they don't notice.

eventually my wife and i are in a small mexican restaurant somewhere inside by the kitchen. we start exploring the house after our meal and we can't believe how big the place is. (i'm pretty sure it's growing larger as we go into each room). we decide to find our way back out and open a door expecting stairs, but instead find a small room with a green rocket-looking contraption, kind of like a pointy tardis. it has a full size door on one side with a window and is probably 10 feet tall. of course i decided to get inside the thing, despite my wife's protests. there is a little room inside with light green, fitted velvet cushions on the walls and ceilings. i convince her to step inside. as soon as we shut the door it starts flying straight up, out of the giant farmhouse and into the sky. luckily i have seen willy wonka so i am not panicked. out the window is pure blue sky as we zoom up and up past the clouds. 

the elevator finally stops and the door opens. we're in a staging room off the side of a casino in the clouds. at this point i realize i have had a previous vivid dream about this casino and i start to freak out. the carpets are a dark red with ornate patterns, the walls have red curtains and the ceiling is red with sparkly lights. most of the machines and tables are red. i am retelling my wife the story of the previous dream and how i can't believe we are there. i tell her in the back is a special room behind some windows with the new spider man slot machines. we walk to the back and there it is. pretty soon we are in that room and i'm trying to remember what happened in the end of the first dream. i tell her, "i THINK i played the spider man game but i couldn't figure it out." all of the spider man games are occupied at this point so we play some other games and wait. i get up occasionally and walk around, marveling at all the details and how the other dream was so accurate. at some point i am carrying around a bunch of old heavy metal Rip magazines, for no reason. finally four people get up from a row of the spider man games and i briskly walk over and take one of the chairs in my hand. some woman in the next seat slides onto that chair and pats the open chair with her hand, motioning for her husband to sit down. this really pisses me off so without thinking, i blurt out "well have fun, bitch" and her 'husband' who looks like a 90 year old, wrinkled meth addict, takes a swing and almost connects with my cheek. there is a small scuffle as i shove him off, and the slot attendant comes over to scold me. i tell her they should have a sign up sheet, i was there waiting forever. "fuck this". i walk back to the corner where i left my pile of Rip magazines and now some dude is trying to claim they are his. "sorry bro"

things calm down and we decide to split. we end up following this small latina lady into a different room on the ground floor. inside that room is donald trump. she introduces us and leaves. i decide not to tell him how much i hate him, so i immediately start telling him the dream story about the slot machines and the casino in the clouds. i'm still reeling over how strange it was and he's looking at his phone and his watch, not listening to me at all. we hastily make our exit. 

at some point the guys from my bands show up. we're in a room upstairs talking about this or that when dave mustaine walks in wearing a white button-up dress shirt. everyone is amazed until dave asks "who wants to do some lines?" nobody says a word. i finally respond with "i guess i could do a line." he puts me in a headlock and i say "as long as you don't make me listen to megadeth." the rest of the guys groan and start defending megadeth as this amazing band, so i have to assure them i am kidding. 

i follow dave up another flight of stairs to a small room with a bunk bed. he throws a bag on top of the bunk and tells me "this is where i stay when my wife's not around". we go up yet another staircase and end up in a small bar on the roof. there is an older lady drinking a cocktail on the right side of the bar, and a row of people around the other side and back. the room is full of drunken chatter. the bartender recognizes dave and he introduces me. they shoot the shit while i stand there. i start trying to tell him about the casino dream that came true and how amazing it was, and he finally says "who's drink is that?" i look down and there's a half-full cocktail sitting on the bar where the woman had been standing. "i have no idea?" i reply. "take it, let's get out of here" he demands. so i grab the drink and we head back downstairs. that was so weird i woke up.