Monday, July 16, 2018

insurance fraud dream


i had a dream this morning that i was trying to execute some sort of insurance fraud. it required me to get stabbed in the stomach / intestines area by a friend. the first time we tried it, the knife didn't go deep enough and the hospital just sent me home. the second time, the knife went way too far and i showed up at the hospital a few hours later, my shirt and pants soaked in blood. except now i was actually worried about bleeding out. the hospital started asking questions and i basically implicated myself. they left me in the ER to think about what i had done and i was freaking out.

then i woke up.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

secretary of the interior


i was working in the government. someone got demoted and then i was promoted to the head of some major agency under the trump administration. i think i was "secretary of the interior" but i can't quite remember. i had a reputation for being an outspoken trump critic so naturally he was pissed and planned to slag me in the press. obama came by to congratulate me and give me advice. he didn't seem to have a security detail. as we were talking he moved next to a wall near a large pile of knives and swords on a wooden pallet. i told him it wasn't safe here and asked where the secret service was. he let me know he was testing them.

at some point we were all in a large conference room. hope hicks was eyeing me like i was the enemy, but i think she was into my beard.

i know there was a lot more to this dream but i can't remember the rest. i do remember saying i would 'do what's right for my country'.

Monday, July 9, 2018

plane crash


i was in a plane flying over the ocean. the sky was sunny and clear. some curly blonde headed dude was looking nervous and pacing near the back of the plane. i got suspicious and went back towards the rear bathrooms. the guy was mumbling to himself and went around a corner. i peeked around and he was gone. i could see a small vent cover had been removed and he had crawled inside it. i ran to tell the flight attendants but the guy had already tripped a security alert. they started yelling and telling everyone to buckle up, but i never made it back to my seat. the plane exploded and was ripped in half. i think i blacked out. when i came to the plane was upside down and there was insane wind and blue sky everywhere. i knew we were falling but i had slipped out of the plane and ended up above it. i could see clear blue water below, coming fast. there was a huge splash into the water and i slipped in myself, like a torpedo. i was able to swim up and catch my breath. there was luggage and debris floating everywhere, chunks of the fuselage. it seemed like there were already people doing a rescue. i was swimming and confused but i finally woke up.

Monday, July 2, 2018

kidnapped to england - moonies


had a dream this morning that i was somehow kidnapped by a british guy who looked like daniel craig. he took me to what i thought was england for some sort of personality re-adjustment camp. i was basically a prisoner, learning how to be proper and english. i couldn't tell what i had done to deserve being imprisoned. there were classes i had to sit through and i had to apply for some prison job. we wore striped prison jumpsuits. near the end of the dream i was told it wasn't england but actually another planet and i was invited to live there but had to go through the training.

there was another part of the dream where these small creatures were everywhere, called Moonies (i think) but i can't remember anything else of that part of the dream, or what they looked like.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

worst party ever that ends in a tornado

dream from this morning:

i was younger, probably 22 years old. the band (not sure which) played a show somewhere and we met some fans. one girl invited our band and IKILLYA to play at her party.

the party was literally in the middle of nowhere. we have several vehicles, and i think we brought all our parents also. IKILLYA shows up with a massive trailer full of gear. when we walk in the party has already started. it's sunny outside but this girl's entire family is having a cookout on their back screened-in porch. it's dark wood paneled with many tables and chairs. she says "this is it" when i ask what time the party starts. trying to make the best of it, i am directed to get a beer and tell everyone to grab a plate. except there is no beer. at first i can't find it. one of the cousins snarkily tells me i'm looking in the wrong place, it's in the other cooler. i check that cooler and it's empty. party fail.

at this point i become aware that i'm getting dirty looks from this girl's husband. he's not happy she asked two bands to play and thinks i'm trying to pick up his lady. through the porch screen something out back catches my eye. the IKILLYA trailer is stuck in a big hole in the grass. a bunch of dudes all standing around suggesting how to get it out.

it starts to rain, not too bad at first. everyone scurries into the house. then it starts coming down in buckets. i hide in some bedroom just off the back door. there's a couch next to the window and i hunker down. the rain gets unbelievably worse, then i realize it's a tornado. everything gets super loud, like a train running overhead. the windows shatter and i'm blinded by white light. then it's over. i need to get everyone out of this party, i think.

then i woke up.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

70s sedan - wedding - old casino - manifesting - stadium on the ocean

dream this morning:

i'm driving a giant 1970s sedan. we're going uphill and the hill becomes steeper and steeper. eventually the road levels out but i'm going too fast and am flying straight up through the air. they tell me not to panic tho. "think of it like a video game" they say.

next we are driving to a small brown house for a wedding. it's sunny out and the grass is green, but the lawn is covered in front and back with junk. there are a lot of people out back waiting for the wedding. i can't remember who was getting married or what happened. i don't remember getting out of the car.

at some point we are in an old casino, possibly back in time. the clientele are wearing 1920s style attire and playing a game that is half blackjack and half dice. my wife and i decide to play and sit down. we're waiting for the dealer and trying to grasp the game when i realize someone has stolen my shoes and i'm barefoot. there is some dispute with the people at the table next to us. i can't remember any details here except we end up with a small chest of coins worth a ton of money. we give some of the money to the people next to us and pocket the rest.

i'm not sure what happens between, but now we are in a castle. as we reach a room in the top of a tower, all the stones separate and fly off in opposite directions. at first i am alarmed but a small boy tells me he is learning to manifest. he goes on to say he's teaching me to manifest as well, and i recreate the movements of the stones.

eventually i see scott from lo-pan. he informs me that it's time to go to the stadium for some event. we are next to an ocean on a raised walkway. i realize the stadium is built on the ocean itself. we walk down the crowded walkway for a long time. finally we are at the top of the stadium. he says it's the biggest one ever built. it seems to go on for a mile or more. i see a field at the bottom but i have no idea what the event was.

then i woke up suddenly.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

alien clone invasion - president steve janiak

dreams from this morning:

the first dream was diabolical. i was part of some organization that cloned people or possibly made clones to create a police force. it was night time. there was a big factory where everything took place. it was dark blue and metal and constructed in a half moon shape. some of the officers were used as security for the plant. they were seen doing patrols inside and outside the perimeter. one female officer i knew well. when i stopped to talk to her she acted strange. then she attacked me. i figured out quickly that it was an alien virus that had taken over her body. there was a firefight and i think she escaped.

after some searching with some additional officers, a male officer attacked us. now i knew the alien had cloned itself inside another and all were at risk. we finally had to destroy the entire cloning factory because the virus was able to spread and take over officers too fast. there were intense amounts of blood and guts, as well as a giant fire where most of the clones in various stages of completion were burned to death. then a huge gunfight at the end where the two alien clones were obliterated into piles of goo via my machine gun. their bits of flesh were squirming around on the ground trying to reconstitute so i had to torch them as well.

i woke up and went to the bathroom.

after falling back asleep, i was in the white house. apparently i had come in as an aide or graphic designer to whoever took over the presidency after trump and pence were tossed in jail. then i got promoted to chief of staff. suddenly the current president (no idea who it was) died. there was no vice-president and congress still couldn't decide on a speaker of the house so through some legal wrangling i became the president of the united states. i was wandering around in tshirts and jeans asking what i had to wear now, since i didn't have any suits. i had a hard time believing it but then it hit me, I PREDICTED THIS when i was i small child! weird.

lots of people trying to tell me what to do and random women suddenly flirting with me. i knew i had to give a big speech on television soon, to calm the nation. but before that could happen, the white house appeared to have a small backyard and some friends were hanging out when a deer, a cougar and a bear all appeared running through. the deer and cougar got away but now the bear was attacking  people. something had to be done, and i was the president, god dammit. there were consultations in rooms full of too much furniture and i decided we couldn't kill the bear. they were going to stun it and relocate it.

then i woke up.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

washer & dryer, owl at the window, hugging critters

dream this morning:

i'm back in my house from college, except the porch railings are the twisty black metal kind. i have put all the birds and cats in the bedroom as we are trying to do upgrades to the house. the cats are agitating the birds. i'm explaining this to my wife over the phone and trying to deal with it when i see what the birds are really looking at. through the window is a giant owl. he's perched on top of a brown washer and dryer combo that, apparently, someone just dumped in my driveway. i end the call and get my phone ready to take a photo. the owl is trying to see the other birds through the window and seems curious. normally in a dream my phone won't take any photos, but this time it works. i zoom in and snap a photo, but the photo seems to have a filter turned on that puts a row of yellow flowers on the owl's head. as i'm trying to turn off the filter, the owl flies around to the front porch.

i run to the front room. i can see the owl through the front window now, taking up most of the frame. he is perched on the black porch railings. before i can snap another picture he flies away. as soon as he does, a squirrel appears on the porch. he climbs up the side railing, and a rabbit joins him. they appear somewhat cartoonlike. they are next to each other on the railing, and then hug and smile as i snap several pics. i can't believe what i'm seeing... or that i was able to get photos to prove it.

i walk a block over to where my wife is to show her the photos. the pic of the owl is there, with flowers on its head, and the other critters hugging. when i pull up the owl pic, it turns out it's a video. you can hear the owl growling a low growl. i explain that someone dumped a washer and dryer in the driveway. how could i let that happen?

we walk back to the house and there is now a trailer in the driveway (next to the washer and dryer) loaded down with building materials and packages. it starts to rain. i see there are boxes with vinyl records and other packages from the mailman so grab them to head inside.

then i woke up.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

ridiing mowers, dirty totes - tree blocking the landin pad

dream this morning:

i rode a riding lawnmower across town to a hardware store. someone had abandoned a chihuahua outside the store so i decided to take it home with me. the parking lot was being blocked off for some sort of event parking but i convinced the hillbilly to let me run in for 5 minutes, as i only needed to pick up some plastic totes.

once in the store, there was a garage area that was dark and full of junk. i passed through that with the dog and after a few minutes found they were out of clean totes, only had dirty, cobweb and mud covered ones. they were discounted so i bought them. as i got back to the garage area, i found another riding lawnmower, this one was all beat up, and it had boxes on it with old comics and other unrelated junk. the price included all these other items so i bought it also.

as i went outside they were arguing over my other mower, which was now a standard pushmower. i came out and diffused the situation, but i needed to figure out how to ride this old, rickety mower covered in boxes, along with my dirty totes and other push mower. as i was trying to discuss this with someone there, i got separated from both mowers somehow. i also knew i was going to be in hot water for bringing a bunch of junk home and a small dog. by now i realized i didn't know where the mowers were and i was starting to stress out when my wife woke me up.

after i fell back asleep, i had a dream that someone built a high rise building across the street from me, with a landing pad for aircraft on the roof. i looked out the window and a huge plane was trying to make a hard incline from about 50 feet from the ground, clipping some tree branches in the process. i called and complained. someone said they were going to have to cut the tree down because it was blocking these aircraft from landing. as i was on the phone a space shuttle did the same maneuver and clipped some branches before landing on the now empty roof pad. the rest of the dream was me fighting for keeping this old, tall tree with the city, who wanted to chop it down.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

dosed by duff mckagan - mc hammer humpty dumpty

dream this morning:

i was driving over a huge, elevated interstate. it was dangerously steep. it's night time. i can hear police chatter about drunk drivers on my police radio. i'm not drunk but i'm afraid they'll pull me over. it's taking forever to get over this thing, like hours.

next it's daylight. i stop to visit my friend jason, uninvited. its not his house in real life, but it has lots of small, square windows. there are 30 family members there, including little kids, all giving me a dirty look. his wife is pissed that i showed up. he comes downstairs from taking a shit and says i have to leave.

i'm not sure of the time frame but around this point of the dream i was in some sort of boys school. it's a giant room with no lights or windows or features besides some tables with bench seats. the walls are metal and gray. everyone is wearing gray sweats. a bigger, italian kid with black curly hair starts messing with me. he's the school bully. all the other kids are watching to see what i do. he's pushing my arm, then pushing my back. i hold my ground. he starts feigning a face slap.

"what are you gonna do?" he slaps me, not too hard. i won't retaliate. some elder person comes in the room and it stops for a while. finally when it starts back up, i pull up my shirt and show this bully my herniated abdomen. "take a look" i say. "i'm on medication. if i start bleeding, i'll bleed right out and you'll be charged with murder." at that point he is disappointed and stops harassing me.

now i'm at a party. it's douchey comedian bill bellamy's house. for some reason in this dream he is gay and has a boyfriend named mario trubiano, who is also a famous actor. parts of the house are dilapidated. they are renting out the house as an airbnb and someone rented it for this party. the main living room and kitchen are normal. the living room has white carpet, white walls and white couches with black pillows. there is a white brick fireplace. celebrities are hanging out in the living room. i am standing in the kitchen, which is covered in white tiles. i'm standing behind a island counter, there are drinks everywhere. i'm wearing some sort of burqa type thing that leaves only my eyes exposed.

duff mckagan walks in. he doesn't know who i am but i am pretending we are friends. after a stare-down and asking who i was for 10 minutes, he starts to get annoyed. at first he wants to fight, but then he calms down when i show him my full face. he grabs my left hand and puts a giant tab of acid on it.
 "this should do it"
"uh, i have to drive home, no thanks"
"well this is so potent, it will go right through your skin"
i start to panic a little bit, and immediately i am tripping hard. there goes driving home, i think to myself.

several actresses walk in the room, dressed up in nightclub wear. they are famous but i can't recognize them. they are all pulling small radio flyer wagons filled with big stacks of their tell-all books. looks like they're trying to get rid of these at the party.

i follow duff into another room of the house. it's a big open space with giant, dark blue metal beams holding up a stained glass ceiling. the room is musty and dank. one picture window is completely gone and the wood rotted out around it. there is a loft up to one side, covered in cobblestones, but when i climb up, i can see it was once a music studio. now it's just piled up with junk and old furniture. below this, duff is rummaging around the bar area. there is an old game system, like an atari or intellivision, with a stack of video games in special collector cases, all marked with a comics style grading system. i'm telling duff how GNR changed my entire childhood and how much they ruled, then how much i thought they became a joke later on.

suddenly there is a commotion from up near the glass ceiling. mc hammer is up there near the top of the rafters, wearing a blue and purple striped suit. he is on something and carrying on. i see something flying through the air past my face. "bats!" i point as duff looks and agrees. this bat flies up and then there are about 30 bats all flying up to their nests. mc hammer sees them and loses his balance. he falls about 50 feet and breaks into several pieces. everyone laughs. i run over and pick up the pieces and set them back up like he is a real person before the police arrive. everyone keeps laughing about it. his head rolls back and falls on the floor.

that's all i can remember before i woke up

Saturday, March 24, 2018

maybe the longest and dumbest dream ever

dream this morning:

i'm in vegas, but an orlando type of vibe vegas. the first night i am drinking and playing slots and winning. my wife is there, she asks if the winnings are mine. oh yeah they are. the night goes on and things get blurry. the next thing i know, i'm in a rental car. it's daylight. i feel very drunk and tired. i'm sitting in a line of cars waiting to get into a parking garage. everything is painted in a faded lemon color. the parking garage walls, the pavement, the rental car. i'm getting impatient because the guy in front of me has stopped for some reason. i start wondering if i should back out and go around another way. i doze off... finally i come to, but i don't know how long i've been out. i look around and there are no cars behind or in front of me. definitely feeling too drunk to drive. i need to park on the bottom level, but i can't. i end up on the very top level (where the sun beats down) and park and go in through some big glass doors.

once i'm in my room i just want to nap. it's all wood paneling with little white tables and chairs made out of hard plastic. the carpets are also white. there's a small bedroom off the main room. there's a knock at the door, it's some people i don't recognize but who know me. they are music business people. one of them has dark curly hair and looks like a cross between jon favreau and andrew the giant. another is a smaller, thin old man with stark white hair. there's a woman with them but somehow i never see her face. they are here for a music conference. they are surprised that i am surprised that i am playing said music conference. which band? nobody knows? really? why can't i remember? i don't say anything because i'm embarrassed. these new strangers don't leave. they settle in and tell me they're looking at managing the band. ok. they ask if my wife came with me to the music conference. "no, this is the first time she didn't come to vegas for some reason" i said, clearly not aware that she was there the previous night. after some other boring conversation, i tell the strangers i'm going to bed and try to sleep in the other room. except favreau and starkwhite begin having a loud conversation and in no time at all i am up and drunkenly yelling for them to get lost. they begrudgingly leave. i still need to know which band is playing and when, so i find a las vegas type of nuvo magazine and start pouring through the pages, looking for either band's name. i can't find it anywhere, but i did see Mothership listed in an ad.

i go downstairs to what looks vaguely like 'the strip'. i run into jason rich. he wants to go get a beer. i can't though, i've got to figure out wtf i'm doing here and why i don't know what's going on, who's playing and where. while we're talking i see some video screens on the ground, they have advertisements for upcoming events. i see one out of the corner of my eye, it has three photos with the artist name and date. in the middle is a photo of me, wearing a cowboy hat, looking pissed, with STEVE JANIAK across the top. at the bottom is says the venue and date, but it scrolls left too fast before i get a look. SHIT.

at some point i see a what looks like a big plastic kids toy, like a 4 or 5 foot long fisher price school bus. the top part looks like a shopping cart. there are two homeless girls living inside it. i end up climbing in the bottom half and have a conversation with this blonde girl. she's telling me she is semi-famous and works with this international youtube star. his cassette is hanging up on the wall inside this toy bus they live in. i can't remember the name on it exactly, it was like IOTA or IOTA MAN or IO MAN or something. the cassette is bright yellow with black ink. the school bus is also yellow, inside and out. we have a conversation about living our dreams as she wants to be a youtube star. she tells me that IO MAN always tags his videos with her name, but i am skeptical. so she pulls out her smartphone and i sit through a techno video by IOTA MAN. i can't believe that is popular but i tell her it's pretty good. sure enough, at the end there is a logo that pops up, it's white with a blue border that looks like a diagram of an atom. it says IOTA something, and with an asterisk below it says 'sponsored by amber so and so'. she looks really proud of herself and that is super cool, but she lives in a toy school bus under an overpass on the strip. i eventually say i have to go and make an exit.

at this point i am carrying my big klipsch speaker and some other stuff, maybe a backpack and a box of random junk. i see favreau and he is coming to talk to me. a train pulls up as we (jason and i) are close to the tracks. jason says "follow me" and he gets on the train. i pick up all my stuff and get on the train. jason goes up and out through another set of doors. he's off the train. the train starts moving. uh oh. how long is this train and where does it go? i look back through another set of windows to a separate compartment. favreau is looking at me from across the way, somewhat menacingly.

now the inside of the train becomes just like a school bus or a subway car. i throw my shit in the seats. i walk to the front of the bus to get some answers. the driver of the train bus says this bus train goes to the Anheuser-Busch brewery and museum. how long does that take? "no idea" he says. the train bus heads up into the clouds on a monorail track. i can see all of the vegas strip below, but it looks more like a giant theme park. as we get closer to the brewery, which pokes above the clouds like something out of the wizard of oz, the train starts slowing down. i can feel the heat of favreau's prying eyes. the train stops in the middle of a cloud so dense i can't see any ground. the conductor-driver yells details about the stop and the brewery and tours and such. i jump off the train bus. i look down past the rows of cars and see favreau also gets off. as the train starts back up, i jump on at the last second. favreau's eyes go wide as he chases the last car and grabs on.

a few more conversations with the conductor, and i'm convinced he knows absolutely nothing. after more flying through the clouds, we get to a huge complex in the sky and the train bus goes right into the building. the sides of the train bus melt away and we are sitting in bucket seats, attached to a moving rail above. we're in a museum. there is all kinds of wacky stuff on both sides, but we're going too fast to see anything. one part i did notice was a 3D simpsons room. there were characters and scenes being generated via hologram. i could hear homer's voice booming from a speaker as his 15 foot head was beamed from the dark blue floor; "the meaning of life is ... donuts... mmm" but i can't quite remember it exactly. after the simpsons room we went into a shiny mirrored hallway with bright lights. there were hard lefts and hard rights and the bucket seats swung so hard i thought i would fall out.

the next thing i know, i'm in a small, wood paneled room. there are two or three other people in the room, one of which is favreau. on a small brown loveseat is an injured cowboy. i don't know any of the others, nor can i recall seeing their faces. but it becomes apparent to me that we have to eat, since we're trapped. (duh). i pull out a massive knife from a drawer. everyone starts to freak out. "we've got to survive!" i tell them. next, i pull out a giant axe from the drawer and tell the rest in the room to hold down the cowboy, who starts yelling "Nooooo" as i plan to chop off his left foot. favreau is yelling for me to stop, but it's too late. suddenly things seem to get a bit weird as i know in my own mind i only chopped off his big toe, but they all saw me chop off his entire foot. i tell the cowboy "i hope your feet are clean, but we've got to survive" as i toss his foot onto a massive skillet that has been heating up in the background.

i can't remember actually cooking and eating this cowboy's foot but in time we get released and nobody says a word about it. i have to get back on the train bus because i left my speaker and junk behind. plus i still need to figure out wtf i am doing and if i'm playing with a band or as a solo country artist. i start think that i am dead or possibly just dying. we come down from the clouds and back to the strip. i had no money so i had to jump in the back of one of the cars with a flatbed. before security can see me, i hop down to the sidewalk when the train begins to slow. i run up to some lady in a police outfit. "i need to get my stuff! i left my stuff behind!" she scowls and puts up her hand for me to shut up. "you need to wait here, you're getting in everyone's way" so i stand there impatiently as people slowly get off the train and enter the sidewalk. across the way is angry old lady in a wheelchair. she's waiting behind a small railroad crossing gate.

waiting there is about the last thing i remember.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

$6 check

dream this morning:

sitting in a booth in a restaurant. donald trump slides in the seat across from me. people are gathered around, gawking. jeff sessions comes up to ask him something. he leans towards him, but without looking at him says "get me a drink."
so jeff sessions runs off. trump's jawing with the crowd, smiling and winking and numbnuts stuff. i am trying to figure out wtf i'm going to say. jeff sessions returns with some sort of colorful fruit cocktail with celery sticking out of the top. immediately trump berates him, "why didn't you bring one for this guy? i can't just drink in front of people? jesus!" so sessions demurely backs away and brings another fruit cocktail. "that'll be six dollars, sir"
"six dollars? jesus you think you would have covered it!" trump seethes. "get me my checkbook!" he says to no one in particular. seconds later a faceless suit hands him an open folder containing multiple designs of personal checks. trump, still smiling at the crowd, picks one and tears it off the top.
"see, i pay with a check, and then later i can get my money back, saying it was fake!" he says proudly as he writes a $6 check.
i flipped out. said a bunch of really terrible things that i shouldn't put in print. stuff about paying his bills, and telling the truth and paying whores and being a general ignoramus on every possible level. everyone gasped. his eyebrows raised and you could see he was trying to figure out how to punch back. i can't remember the rest, but i felt a little better.

then i woke up

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

alice cooper's gift record - flying over the casino

dream i had this morning:

i was inside steve boyle's house. even though i've never been there in real life. no one was there, but for some reason it was ok. i was in a bedroom taking a camera and trying two switch out a giant lens on it. at some point alice cooper called. he and i talked for a few minutes before i told him "i finally listened to that blues record you gave me. it's really really good!"
he responded with "that record wasn't for you!? i told you to give it to so and so from that other band!"
"oh yeah. i knew that, i just forgot, i got really really high earlier."
* silence *
no response. i hung up.
eventually someone came home. but now it was aaron brunsman's house. the living room had a giant round sectional couch and many tables and chairs. it was laid out like a mexican restaurant. i had stuffed the blues record into a backpack, because now i needed to get it to whomever from whatever band, all of which i could not remember. aaron came in and i said hello. explained that i was borrowing the camera again. he looked down and seemed pissed. i quickly made an exit. one of the living room walls was now an opening to a shopping mall. i walked out of the mexican restaurant through the mall to where i left my bike on the ground, feeling like a giant dummy.

then i woke up.

a few days ago i had a crazy dream where some friends and i were in a tiny helicopter. we landed it between some highly charged electrical wires in a daring landing. but for some reason we waited until the nighttime to fly over a huge casino built on the water. jason marcuson was holding onto a drone, and myself and two others (larry king and possibly mike naish) were holding on to him so we didn't fall. we were about 150 feet above the water level. it was pitch black out, but the casino was completely covered in flashing lights. at one end was a pier with multiple levels of stages. on those stages were dancing girls wearing costumes with flashing lights. there were probably 50 girls on each platform, all dancing in unison at the end of this pier. no one could really see them except from a highway that was maybe half a mile away. i felt bad for them, but i wanted to snap a photo. like most dreams i was unable to get my phone camera to work for some reason. in this case, i held on to jason with one hand and fumbled to get my phone out of my pocket. as i did, i started to juggle it and it bounced around. i took a deep breath and almost dropped it, but i was able to hang on. we were moving perpendicular to the casino and ooh-ing and aah-ing, all scrambling to hold on to jason, who was somehow guiding the drone and holding onto it with both hands. it was cold and the wind was biting. i don't remember ever falling or coming back down.

eventually i woke up.