Sunday, February 4, 2018

workin for trump, drugged, needles and leaking plasma

dream from this morning:

i was working in the trump organization, but we operated out of a small brick basement with fake plants. i can't tell what my job was but i didn't do anything except wander around wondering when someone would figure it out and fire me. we were told "no pictures" of trump but on this occasion he was wearing some messed up baby blue outfit with a baby blue hoodie that was 2 sizes too small. the hood was pulled up over his head and he was making a face like he had sour candy in his mouth. i tried to figure out a way to walk past and snap a photo without him noticing, but as i was silencing my phone he poked his head around the corner and gave me a nasty look.

around "lunch time" i drank two tiny hamms beers and became very drowsy, so drowsy i was probably drugged intentionally. when i finally woke up, the day was almost over. i got up and walked home before realizing i wasn't wearing any shoes. i walked back to the building, the upper part of which was a pepsi factory. there was part of the dream where someone handed me a broken machine with wheels and i didn't know why or what to do with it, but after that i went down to get my shoes and bookbag. i see some 'friends' and coworkers (none of whom i know in real life) and a few of them are horsing around. one of them is daring the other to put these long needles through his chest. i told them i wasn't interested but they insisted that i do it also. there was a confrontation and one guy got way up in my face. we argued and then i realized he had poked through my chest with the needles. my white shirt was covered in plasma, but in the dream i said it was spinal fluid.

at this point i realized someone had stolen my bookbag, and i called out a shady looking guy in a trenchcoat. "where's my bag? i know you took it", i screamed, still leaking plasma out my chest. there was a small chase but the guy got away.

my shirt was soaked now and getting worse. i decided i needed to go to the hospital due to my concern something really bad had happened but i had to go home and feed some parakeets first. i walked all the way home again, to a giant white home with massive pillars. my wife came home from work and when i told her i needed to get to the emergency room she said "whatever" and stormed off.

eventually i woke up.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

bruno falls

dream from this morning:

at a small music festival, i met bruno mars & alice cooper. i ran into bruno in the elevator and went directly into fanboy mode. he was polite and a little surprised. then i showed him some moves. (lol) the elevator may not have been working because he opened up some access panel and he said we could get down if i followed him. he was climbing down along the exposed pipes and wiring like some sort of monkey.

later he was scheduled to perform, i went to the small ampitheater where they were waiting on stage for the crowd to show up. i went right down in the front as the show started. about halfway into the first song he did a crazy backflip and tried to catch himself on the wall behind the drums using his fingertips. the wall was segmented with horizontal lines but it curved over the top of the drumset. well he didn't quite catch the wall and fell straight down onto his head. he slumped like a pile of dirty rags as the crowd let out a collective gasp. the band didn't see him fall so they kept on playing for another minute until the crew came up and dragged him away. show over.

eventually i found him backstage with a bandage covering his head. we talked and hung out for about twenty minutes but i can't remember anything of what was said. i introduced him to my wife and then i left.

when i got down the hall i ran into alice cooper, all decked out in costume. i asked to take a selfie and he turned me down. then i woke up.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

home detention with huma abedin


i was in some sort of home detention. it was an apartment that was all white. white carpets, white cabinets, white furniture. huma abedin also lived in the apartment, and someone else i'm guessing was her mother. we were watching tv, eating dinner and other general things in the apartment. i didn't know why i was in home detention. when it finally came up, i was told that i had caused an accident on the freeway by being impatient. i was in a car behind huma's car and she was trying to turn left, but i was gesturing and cursing and she turned into traffic or something. at one point she was sleeping in a walk-in closet and i snuck in and gave her a kiss on the cheek, but she woke up and looked horrified. there was another part of a dream where people were driving the wrong way on the interstate and i had to get out of there.

the end?

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

dream: ben carson's midsummer night's irritation


somehow myself and my parents went to a science lecture with ben carson. it may have been neil degrasse tyson speaking but i never got that far into it. anyway, we're in the line to buy tickets and ben carson tries to order tickets to a midsummer night's dream. i have to step in and correct him and he seems irritated. not too long after, we are on a hike to get to the seating area. the hike takes us outside and around a corner and up a steep, rocky crevasse. i lean in to tell my dad what a dipshit ben carson is but i suddenly realize ben carson is right there next to me and overheard. we get to a big room with lots of chairs,couches and tables. we sit down and await dinner. ben carson won't look at me, he turns his back to us. everyone is uncomfortable. james earl jones comes out and warms up the crowd. mom and dad are mad, ben carson is mad. i am irritated. then i woke up.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

dream: big jackpot win!

had a dream i won a huge $223,000 jackpot on a fire themed slot machine. instead of a hand pay, the machine gave me a cashout ticket. so i was walking around, telling myself it was real and not a dream, and that i just had to hurry and take it to a cashier window. but somehow we ended up at a party and doing other things. by the end everyone was wearing costumes and i had put on a large wedding dress with lots of ruffles. these ruffles picked up many bunches of grapes for no reason whatsoever as i walked through this large party. we stopped to pick the grapes out of my dress and then i finally woke up. what?

Friday, August 25, 2017

Herbert Hootenanny Poole


there's a show in some far off location on a weeknight. a handful of people from the past came out and there was minor drama. after the show my wife and i left and drove to our home in the country. off in the distance i can see some contraption flying down the road with three people on it, all wearing bright blue suits. it looks like a child's swingset with some straps and wheels, but it's a new olympic-sport-related riding machine. two of the people are on the left side, one hanging upside down with their head near the road's surface. the other person is on the left, for balance. i make a comment about how weird it looks and my wife turns our corn-glider (sort of a cross between a landspeeder and a bobsled) hard left into an empty corn field and we pick up speed. apparently she has also been training for corn-gliding in the next olympics. we're zipping all around and she's talking nonchalantly about this or that. eventually we see something in the distance and we slow down. i jump out and see what looks like a hyena with glowing eyes across the field. before i can do anything it's right up next to me and the face morphs into a strange alien face. he says his name is herbert hootenanny poole, not of this earth... and he's here to make a film about himself, which i am already starring in. the film is also called herbert hootenanny poole, not of this earth.

i woke up before it got any weirder

the end?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

blacked out - little kings - bus crash - alternate realities

weirdest dream this morning:

the bands are playing a show at some event. there is a huge white room with red curtains and giant white columns scattered around. the stage is huge. we don't play for a while so i sit at what looks like a giant video game and start drinking some Little Kings. after a while of goofing off and drinking, things get fuzzy. at a certain point i realize that everyone is carrying equipment off the stage. no one is talking to me. the show is definitely over, the crowd is leaving. it finally occurs to me that i blacked out through BOTH sets with two different bands. i start asking what happened, but no one wants to speak to me. some of the guys are shaking their heads at me. chad slams a door in my face. finally chuck tells me "it was pretty bad. missing cues, bad notes, you forgot all the lyrics, you name it. it was kinda funny tho." as everyone is loading up vehicles, a kid and his girlfriend come around and ask for an autograph or something, but they are laughing. he had recorded some video and i ask him to send it to me. we get into the bus and it's my turn to drive. i start driving and we get up on the highway. i am trying to watch the video to see how bad the show was, and i'm having a very hard time staying straight on the road. the guys are too pissed to notice me swerving. this goes on for a while even though i can't make out much on the video. i'm looking at it again as we come around a big curve and i realize we are about 100 feet in the air on an overpass, and i'm heading for the left guardrail, i yank the steering wheel too hard and we shift hard right, the bus tips sideways and we slide right over the right guardrail into the abyss. i scream out "whaaaaaaaaat" and jolt out from my sleep. i think to myself 'what the hell?' and try to make a mental note to remember this crazy dream. as i'm laying there planning to get up, i fall right back asleep into the same dream.

we are somewhere else now, everyone is together. i can't remember where or why or what we're doing.  i'm still asking about the show that i don't remember. 'except it was only a dream' i think to myself. that's when things start to get weird. as i am relieved that it's just a dream, i try to explain to the guys that 'this' is a dream. but they're having none of it. they slowly convince me that it's not a dream after all, it did happen, we are really sitting there talking. eventually, i say "i think i'm caught in two alternate realities!" but that's rejected outright. i slowly forget about the alternate reality guy sleeping in bed. i go right back to being upset about blacking out and start talking about quitting drinking for good. this goes on for what feels like forever, and then i wake up.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

giant mexican farmhouse - casino in the clouds dream come true - trump & dave mustaine


the dream starts where i'm working in a dark warehouse. big racks of stuff and a forklift. there are skids of furniture and machines and giant scraps of metal. i end up 20 feet up trying to find something and i fall backwards but catch myself on a thin wire railing.

the warehouse is attached to a giant farmhouse. we end up inside and there are many details i can't remember here, asking off work, getting in trouble with the boss, trying not to get fired. 

the house is somewhere in texas and is owned by some super rich mexican american with political ties. he has enemies and ends up dead, but the many workers in the house keep busy and act like they don't notice.

eventually my wife and i are in a small mexican restaurant somewhere inside by the kitchen. we start exploring the house after our meal and we can't believe how big the place is. (i'm pretty sure it's growing larger as we go into each room). we decide to find our way back out and open a door expecting stairs, but instead find a small room with a green rocket-looking contraption, kind of like a pointy tardis. it has a full size door on one side with a window and is probably 10 feet tall. of course i decided to get inside the thing, despite my wife's protests. there is a little room inside with light green, fitted velvet cushions on the walls and ceilings. i convince her to step inside. as soon as we shut the door it starts flying straight up, out of the giant farmhouse and into the sky. luckily i have seen willy wonka so i am not panicked. out the window is pure blue sky as we zoom up and up past the clouds. 

the elevator finally stops and the door opens. we're in a staging room off the side of a casino in the clouds. at this point i realize i have had a previous vivid dream about this casino and i start to freak out. the carpets are a dark red with ornate patterns, the walls have red curtains and the ceiling is red with sparkly lights. most of the machines and tables are red. i am retelling my wife the story of the previous dream and how i can't believe we are there. i tell her in the back is a special room behind some windows with the new spider man slot machines. we walk to the back and there it is. pretty soon we are in that room and i'm trying to remember what happened in the end of the first dream. i tell her, "i THINK i played the spider man game but i couldn't figure it out." all of the spider man games are occupied at this point so we play some other games and wait. i get up occasionally and walk around, marveling at all the details and how the other dream was so accurate. at some point i am carrying around a bunch of old heavy metal Rip magazines, for no reason. finally four people get up from a row of the spider man games and i briskly walk over and take one of the chairs in my hand. some woman in the next seat slides onto that chair and pats the open chair with her hand, motioning for her husband to sit down. this really pisses me off so without thinking, i blurt out "well have fun, bitch" and her 'husband' who looks like a 90 year old, wrinkled meth addict, takes a swing and almost connects with my cheek. there is a small scuffle as i shove him off, and the slot attendant comes over to scold me. i tell her they should have a sign up sheet, i was there waiting forever. "fuck this". i walk back to the corner where i left my pile of Rip magazines and now some dude is trying to claim they are his. "sorry bro"

things calm down and we decide to split. we end up following this small latina lady into a different room on the ground floor. inside that room is donald trump. she introduces us and leaves. i decide not to tell him how much i hate him, so i immediately start telling him the dream story about the slot machines and the casino in the clouds. i'm still reeling over how strange it was and he's looking at his phone and his watch, not listening to me at all. we hastily make our exit. 

at some point the guys from my bands show up. we're in a room upstairs talking about this or that when dave mustaine walks in wearing a white button-up dress shirt. everyone is amazed until dave asks "who wants to do some lines?" nobody says a word. i finally respond with "i guess i could do a line." he puts me in a headlock and i say "as long as you don't make me listen to megadeth." the rest of the guys groan and start defending megadeth as this amazing band, so i have to assure them i am kidding. 

i follow dave up another flight of stairs to a small room with a bunk bed. he throws a bag on top of the bunk and tells me "this is where i stay when my wife's not around". we go up yet another staircase and end up in a small bar on the roof. there is an older lady drinking a cocktail on the right side of the bar, and a row of people around the other side and back. the room is full of drunken chatter. the bartender recognizes dave and he introduces me. they shoot the shit while i stand there. i start trying to tell him about the casino dream that came true and how amazing it was, and he finally says "who's drink is that?" i look down and there's a half-full cocktail sitting on the bar where the woman had been standing. "i have no idea?" i reply. "take it, let's get out of here" he demands. so i grab the drink and we head back downstairs. that was so weird i woke up.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

ripple music fest - wicker basket black metal - mafia drug lord dudes

Today's weird dream:

At a Big Ripple Music fest, there's some huge underground hype black metal duo who wouldn't shake my hand. Lead singer wore a huge wicker basket as his stagewear, only his arms sticking out. They brought a 6 foot stage with them and were up against the ceiling, really dumb. The room was packed until about 4 songs in, when they started clean singing. Later it turned out that some of the stagehands were mafia drug lord dudes. They threatened to kill everyone, but I think I was the only one who knew. Our band brought a sweet sprinter with a refrigerated "chill room" in the back, but everyone partied in the mafia dudes van. It was a massive tour bus that was all black with Night Rider moving lights in the front and back. There was some ex-girlfriend there trying to piss me off, and her kid had stolen my remote controlled car, but I still had the remote. It had a GoPro on it. I was in the process of using it to find out when the mafia dudes were going to kill everyone when I woke up. What?

Friday, May 19, 2017

worst show of my life - ran a stop sign - russian spies


i'm at some crazy venue in some weird small town. i think mona runs the place. at what feels like the last minute, i'm asked to join this KISS tribute band promoted by nikki sixx's radio show. there are several dudes on the stage dressed as KISS members, and Tufty Clough is up there also. the audience of roughly 16 people is sitting in what looks like a tall set of blue bleachers, kind of like sea world. 

i come down from the crowd and nikki sixx hands me a white fender bass guitar with an animal print on the pickguard. i try to put it on but the fuzzy guitar strap is set for a left handed player. the show is put on hold while i take the bass guitar and strap up to some technician who is running sound. the band starts milling around and talking to each other while nikki sixx tries to keep the crowd momentum up by yapping non-stop. everyone is waiting and waiting. at this point 10-15 minutes have gone by and i decide i don't want to get up there at all as i am not prepared whatsoever. nikki sixx is getting pissed. he starts berating me over the PA system. i start yelling back and say i'm going to leave. tufty says he's going to leave if i leave. more yelling back and forth between nikki sixx, the band and me. i look over and the guy who is supposed to be fixing my guitar strap is playing on the internet on his laptop. i leave and drink a beer. finally i come back, the show is cancelled. everyone is angry at me about it and i tell someone this was the worst show of my life.

later in the dream, i am still mad about this fiasco, but i'm driving around in what feels like my first car, a 1980 oldsmobile cutlass brougham. i'm still in this small town and it's daylight. i come to a stop sign but i just tap on the breaks and keep going. then i make a huge U-turn and BOOM there's a cop on my ass with his lights on. busted. 

i wake up.

in another later dream, the band is all russian spies. we're on the road with this rental van and need drop it off and go home. but the rental company calls us and says we should go to a different location. this turns out to be american FBI agents and we figure it out at the last minute. then we spend the next few days trying to discern which rental car place is not infiltrated by FBI. i can't remember the rest.

the end?


Thursday, May 18, 2017

spindly legs ride - mansion party - girl with a birdcage dress


we were at some weird lodge in some foreign country. there was a crazy 'ride' type of experience but you had to pay in quarters at a machine to get in. once we paid, we went up about 200 feet to a small room above a huge spire. at the top were many segmented black 'legs' that reached down to the ground. you grabbed onto them and swung out over the expanse like you were flying. we did it for a while and it was amazing. later we wanted to go back up. we were down at the bottom near the money machines. i walked over and some old man had left a ton of money lying on the thing. i scooped it up like it was mine and started inserting my coins, looking forward to swinging again on the spindly legs. i was trying to find a place to count them money when my wife woke me up and told me chris cornell was dead. i tried to go back to the dream but i couldn't. i drifted off.

later i was hosting a party in a mansion. there were multiple levels to the house, and multiple bands playing in many rooms, with people everywhere. a girl showed up in a crazy black dress that was just the frame of a dress... in black underwear, all covered with a big black sweater. but by the end of the night she had taken the sweater off and was sitting there in a bunch of straps that looked sort of like a birdcage shaped like a dress, with her boobs sticking out of it. i thanked her for coming to the party and said something about being brave wearing that contraption. she scoffed at me, insulted like i had insinuated something about a relationship between us. "well we're friends and i appreciate that." i said. i can't remember anything after that.

the end?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

ufo sighting


there was a lot of dream time that i don't remember, but at some point we were in a small group on a boat in the ocean. it was sunny and clear. someone said something and everyone looked up in the sky. there was a light that was moving fast and in an odd way. when i saw it my heart jumped. then it turned from a light into a solid disc shape, a classic ufo. from a saucer to a hat. everyone got quiet, but you could tell a few were frightened. the ufo came straight at us, then veered off. a part of it splintered off and started spinning, it looked like two small wheels on each side of a spinning 'jack' toy from the childhood game. it became larger and larger until it was about 30 feet across and hit the water, causing a huge splash to hit the boat and everyone in it. then it started speaking, basically telling us to 'get in'. at that point a small panic ensued but i was trying to get in the water to go towards it. it seems like i got in the water but everything went blurry at that point. it was so real, i couldn't barely believe it. but when i woke up i knew i had forgotten something important.  that's all i can remember.


Monday, April 17, 2017

moving - a rolling truck full of stuff

had a dream that i was moving out of my grandparents house. we had a huge black semi-trailer full of my stuff. the birds were acting weird. klaus was just laying on the bottom of his cage and wouldn't move.

once we got started, my mom got into the back of the semi and laid on a small couch. i stood on top of the cab and drove the truck with my mind. at first i was fine. we drove north on anderson street in elwood, but i missed a turn. i navigated a huge u-turn and went south against the traffic to get to a parking lot on the left. finally i am trying to negotiate this vehicle in the parking lot. at one point i stop too fast and am sure i am going to fly off the top and hit the ground. but i manage to stay put. then i take off and swing the truck hard to the left, and it tips over and rolls. i glide gently to the ground next to it. all the stuff bangs around inside but mom pops out unharmed. i can't find the birds or cats. the dream ends as i wake up  looking for them.