Friday, March 31, 2017

overnight karma records win - pajama pants - drunk driving girl - snoot boopsketball


had a dream i won a sweepstakes where the winners got to sleep overnight in a huge Karma Records store. we got to pick out items we wanted in the morning. it was kind of like a kid stuck in a candy store deal, but you have to curl up in your sleeping bag at some point. in the morning i had stacked all my items on a folding table, LPs, CDs, little collectibles. some girl came up and said there was a discrepancy.

later the Karma Records turned into a very tall castle. corey webb showed up in printed white pajama pants, acting all cool.

the next part i remember, i am a drunk girl, driving a car poorly on a cold winter night in a snow covered small town, trying to avoid a couple cop cars, who are after me. i end up on some residential street that is blocked on one end and have to back up and turn around, but the cops are around the corner. totally freaking out at that point. i think i blacked out.

the last bit i can recall is hanging out with dax shepard, in his house. he has a small toy dog that jumps up and bounces a nerf ball off its nose into a miniature basketball hoop. he throws the ball, the dog snoot boops it in. this goes on for a long time with many trick shots. as he tells me he's heading to some park to show off for a crowd, i suggest he start a new league: the American Snoot Boopsketball league. he thinks i am a genius and says he should.

the end?

Thursday, March 23, 2017

trump on the price is right - wasp in a cage


donald trump was on the price is right. he kept smiling smugly and insulting the audience. he got something wrong early on in the show, but no one corrected him. the audience was afraid to jeer him. then he played one of the games as a contestant. he had to guess the price of some car and  choose a price range. he waxed on and on about how good he was at it and then said he was never wrong. as soon as they revealed the actual price there was a small gasp, as he was way off, by two price ranges. then complete silence. no sad trombone, nothing. he had his eyes closed, waiting for the applause that never came. for roughly an entire minute he sat there waiting, the audience holding their breath. finally drew carey told him he was wrong. he began complaining and asked to see the other prices on the gameboard. a piece of it fell down, and it didn't show a 'winner' spot, so he said it was 'rigged' as he rolled his eyes and adjusted his tie. i jumped up and yelled "you can't stand to lose!" and he said something about never having to and winning and something else i can't remember.

later i had completely forgotten about the giant black and blue wasp in the cage. i had procured it and a huge green beetle, both very rare, and put them in our parakeet cage. i got up in the middle of the night and crouched down in the corner, only to see it squeezing through the bars and flying right at me, to kill me. in a panic, i smacked it to the right and put a cup over it. crisis averted.

the end?

Monday, March 20, 2017

not a crafty spy


had a dream I was a spy. thought I was crafty until the FBI director found a Russian bug in my car. the bug was a small piece of metal that played a little song

Saturday, March 11, 2017

jane roberts on a bus in colorado


had a dream i met jane roberts on a bus in colorado. i told her i was a huge fan and had read all the seth books (except oversoul seven). i told her about how the material and the concepts crashed over me like waves as i read them. i asked where she's been these days and she said she splits her time between colorado and ohio. after i ran out of things to say, i asked her what her favorite manifestations were, saying mine were the infinitely small and inconsequential ones, like finding a dime when i needed ten cents, or finding a parking spot. i'm not sure what her answer was but eventually i had to get off the bus. after walking around for a while, i decided to go find her and see if i could get some contact info so i could email or write her, that's when it occurred to me that she died in 1984.

i can't remember the rest

[edit: at some point i lost my voice entirely while talking to her]

Friday, March 10, 2017

dystopian future - tiny trump wins - traffic jam


it's a dystopian future where we are expecting nuclear calamity at any second. everything on the tv is about the roving marauders and the breakdown of society. i am huddled up in a small apartment with the most fragile members of my family, most of whom have passed in real life. i tell them all goodbye and they think i'm joking, but i am only half joking. i don't think it's as bad out there as they say.

after a transition, i am outside during a big election. it's between tiny trump (who has the body of a toddler but a giant, fat head) and normal sized trump, who is slightly less adversarial. the election is so contested, it ends in a huge violent march between the two sides directly in front of the capital building. the entire thing is live on tv.

tiny trump's violent group gets the upper hand, and everyone is terrified. he gets to yelling and doing a weird 'victory lap' and ends up falling across a wire that slices his head clean off. everyone cheers, as now the normal sized trump has won the election. this trump starts doing interviews immediately and the country is (slightly) comforted. out of the quiet someone yells, "HE'S STILL ALIVE!" and lo and behold, tiny trump's giant head is still functioning. someone stands up his toddler body and puts the head back on. everyone is aghast. he is talking quietly and slowly about taking his revenge on the country. a sense of dread ripples through the crowds as they realize he is leader again.

later, it's a traffic jam. everyone is trying to escape. vehicles are at a complete standstill. when they do move, there are violent clashes over lane changes. we are in a station wagon with all our stuff on the roof. i keep jumping out and running down to a small sink in an underpass to wash some clothes, everyone is upset about this. this scene never seems to end.

suddenly i wake up.