Friday, March 10, 2017

dystopian future - tiny trump wins - traffic jam


it's a dystopian future where we are expecting nuclear calamity at any second. everything on the tv is about the roving marauders and the breakdown of society. i am huddled up in a small apartment with the most fragile members of my family, most of whom have passed in real life. i tell them all goodbye and they think i'm joking, but i am only half joking. i don't think it's as bad out there as they say.

after a transition, i am outside during a big election. it's between tiny trump (who has the body of a toddler but a giant, fat head) and normal sized trump, who is slightly less adversarial. the election is so contested, it ends in a huge violent march between the two sides directly in front of the capital building. the entire thing is live on tv.

tiny trump's violent group gets the upper hand, and everyone is terrified. he gets to yelling and doing a weird 'victory lap' and ends up falling across a wire that slices his head clean off. everyone cheers, as now the normal sized trump has won the election. this trump starts doing interviews immediately and the country is (slightly) comforted. out of the quiet someone yells, "HE'S STILL ALIVE!" and lo and behold, tiny trump's giant head is still functioning. someone stands up his toddler body and puts the head back on. everyone is aghast. he is talking quietly and slowly about taking his revenge on the country. a sense of dread ripples through the crowds as they realize he is leader again.

later, it's a traffic jam. everyone is trying to escape. vehicles are at a complete standstill. when they do move, there are violent clashes over lane changes. we are in a station wagon with all our stuff on the roof. i keep jumping out and running down to a small sink in an underpass to wash some clothes, everyone is upset about this. this scene never seems to end.

suddenly i wake up.

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