Saturday, February 25, 2017

broken guitar - garage - box truck - interdimensional holy war


dtp was practicing but all my gear was around the corner, and when i went to grab it, i found a guitar on the floor that i had previously bought on craiglist or ebay. then i realized it was cracked in half. it was a white guitar with some splash of colors on it.

i started working in a garage with steve colca. auto mechanic stuff. the boss was an old tough bastard.

later i was doing spin outs in a box truck with doug purdue, dropping off two black kids after school.

at the end, the apostle guys and a handful of friends from my grade school days all climbed to the top floor of an old building to witness a 'holy war' between two interdimensional spirit clans. we were able to open a huge portal and though we wanted to fight, we knew deep down that we couldn't. the spirit clans were riding winged beasts and carried massive staffs with skulls on the top. one clan had horse skull helmets which i mistook for their actual heads. the other group had what looked like black rubber covering their heads. there was a lot of high pitched screaming. both sides organized in 'the air' like bees in geometric lines. the fighting took place two separate times, with each clan flying into each other. after it was over, we were loading out gear. corey's bass drum was cracked in half. a casualty of war.

the end?

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