Saturday, September 27, 2014

hollow man?

so i had this dream earlier in the week. i don't know where we are, or what we're doing, but somehow i cut the bottom of my palm open. instead of red flesh under the skin, there is empty space. i realize that part of my arm and hand are completely hollow. and that because of this, i will probably die soonish. i tell everyone at the party (?) that i'm somehow hollow inside, but they make jokes about it and act like it's no big deal.

that's all i remember

Monday, September 1, 2014

finding your shapshifting parrot on a craft beer train


we left the house in a small black car. we were talking the entire way to the train station. drove past landmarks that i don't recognize. hills, creeks, houses, and trees. she dropped me off at the train and i waited in line and got on. the train was a 'beer locomotive' or something. it went through small towns and stopped occasionally while everyone drank craft beer.

so i'm guzzling hop-filled pale ales on a slow moving train. the train is old, but lovingly refurbished. woodgrain this and wrought iron that. i step out on a small landing between cars, and there is mango, our sun conure. she is hanging on some metal bars, looking exhausted. i flip out and search for something to put her in, to keep her safe. i run into the train again. i can't seem to find anything. when i come back out to the landing, my cousin bobby is standing there. mango is gone. before i can flip out any more, bobby tells me that he is actually mango. she is a shape-shifter. i ask mangobby how long she has been following me, she says she flew 50 or so miles behind the car. "how did you get out the door?" "i flew quickly through before it closed." this almost makes me sick, that we didn't notice the bird flying out behind us. she could have been injured.

so i ask mangobby to stay in human form so i don't have to worry about her flying off, and we can talk. she agrees and has a beer. i decide to call barbie and ask her if mango is ok back in her cage at the house. "hello?" "hey, it's me. i just wanted to see how mango was doing?" "how mango is doing? fine, why?" "are you sure?" "*sigh* yes, i'm sure. let me double check" at this point i have become an annoyance. i smile at mangobby and am about to drop the news: the bird is safe in human form, drinking beer on a train with me. except she never comes back to the phone. i can hear her talking to dad in the background. like they're talking about car hubcaps or engine filters. medium volume. this goes on for about 15 minutes before i hang up.

i eventually get distracted when the train stops. more people are getting on. i set my phone down somewhere and now i can't find it. i run from car to car, looking for the phone thief, with mangobby in tow. some conductor-hat wearing kid takes me to a lost and found. he grabs a phone from a wooden box and hands it to me. "this is a samsung galaxy whatever, my phone is an iphone!"

eventually i wake up and check to see if my phone is there.