Monday, December 19, 2016

shitty hotel room inside a casino in a mall


we were in Vegas, inside some casino that was itself inside a shopping mall. The hotel was inside a shitty apartment building inside the casino, inside the mall. The rooms were furnished with other people's stuff and they were small and dirty.

Some woman showed up and said that our room was actually her room, and there was an argument. The room had several doors, each had a different room number on the outside. The tv was an old console tv with a small back and white tv crookedly placed inside it. On top of the small tv was an envelope with my name on it with a bible inside. It appeared to be some sort of book sharing setup.

When we complained, the Mexican drug looking hotel owner walked around the floor with me. There were many weird structural anomalies, nothing made sense. This stairwell went nowhere, this hallway returned you to another hallway, etc.

I came back to the room and had to poop. The bathroom looked just like my parents old bathroom but was old and dirty. There was rusty poop-looking water stains on everything, the walls, towels the floor. I accused my wife of making the mess, she got mad and said it wasn't her. Sitting on the couch, she was looking at a stack of polaroids and my mom came in and took them. The room to our hotel opened into a shitty apartment kitchen, with a couple chubby smokers coughing in it. We had to pass through to get there, even though we had other doors.

the end?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

finalist slot pull


This morning I had a dream I was one of 8 finalists to spin a slot machine for a $42 million payout, even tho I didn't have the $250,000 entry fee

Friday, November 18, 2016

gangsters, cops, fires & eldemur krimm


gangster and cop selling drugs together
pair of sunglasses w the word hippies written on them
fast food joint side business (illegal stolen pallet reselling) goes up in flames when cop gets caught?
Gangster dies in fire.
Run into Eldemur Krimm years later, Jason quit and destitute w family, then I take Fred to scene of the fire, he inadvertently catches fast food joint on fire by flipping something into still lit burners on stove

the end?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

broken window - beaned a poet in the chin - get out


the band is sitting in my car. guy from another local band wants to yell at me, but i won't roll the window down. he punches the back window, and threatens to break it. i tell him to try. after bunches of punches, the window shatters. i call 911, saying i want to report the damage to an officer. the operator tries to chastise me for calling, i tell her i need a record of the incident for my insurance.

eventually a cop shows up. and hundreds of other people. everyone is sitting in my apartment, talking. i see other local band guys and some national celebrities. someone is loudly reciting a poem out of view. i come around a large wall support beam and ask them to stop, my nerves are toast. except this chick can't hear me because she's yelling the poem now. i pull an orange usb flash drive coated in a rubbery casing out of my pocket, throw it hard to the floor. it takes a hard bounce and flies up hard into her chin. she stops, stunned as everyone turns to look at me. "everyone needs to get out of here, none of you were invited." nobody moves, the chatter begins again. i reach my breaking point, "GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! GO ON! GET OUUUUUT" at this point everyone looks irritated as they finally get up and start moving. i may have thrown another item and hit someone else in the head, i can't remember.

as everyone is finally going, i see corey feldman. he's somehow my right-hand man. i think that annoying bill bellamy guy is there too. eventually i wake up, irritated.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

robert de niro diamond smuggling


somehow robert de niro was involved in a diamond smuggling operation and was in jail awaiting trial. my wife decided to break him out and get the diamonds by bribing some jail officials with hundreds of thousands of dollars. i was asking if it was a good idea and she said not to worry, it would be fine. on the day everything was going down, i was there at the jail to sing some songs and saw her dressed in some kind of "jail employee" outfit. she winked at me as they were opening a main bank vault type of door. i left the jail worried. there was a police cruiser around the corner with someone pulled over. then i saw two cop cars fly past me with the lights and sirens on, but they turned away from the jail. took a deep breath and kept driving. once i got to our neighborhood, i saw another police car in my rearview mirror with its lights on and sirens blaring, got totally paranoid and filled with fright as i pulled over, until it zoomed past me heading somewhere else. then i woke up.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016



we went to some kind of angry protest. some angry woman pulled a gun on everyone. i tried to rationalize with her group, but they kidnapped us instead. so for weeks we were trapped in this house on the back of a flatbed, full of angry hillbillies. time and time again i tried to escape, to no avail. eventually tho, something had them distracted in the front of the house, and i found a small door in the back. when i opened it, we were high on a mountain road somewhere. we slipped out carefully to the roadway and were gone.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

karaoke cake - carrying the fennel - old phone


i'm in some large banquet hall type of convention place with a fancy restaurant inside. dressed out of place, i don't know why i am there. had some conversations and eventually found a room full of trophies. i heard someone say i won 'best karaoke' so i'm looking at the trophies and none say anything about it. then on the front of the big table of trophies is a small cake with my name on it in red icing.

eventually i take a big clump of fennel from the salad bar (or kitchen?) and walk around with it, eating the leaves as i go. it seems funny at first, until the fennel grows larger and larger, and eventually becomes the size of a basketball. it's also getting heavier and the staff are looking for me, so i need to find a place to dump it. i'm looking for a bathroom. i see a hallway with toilets along both walls, but i wake up.

bonus dream: (from a few days ago)

the band is on tour and i leave my old phone sitting somewhere. we're heading off to the next city when i realize it. luckily some kid finds it, but his dad is a devout christian. so the dad is thinking about mailing the phone to me, but he sees evil images and heavy metal on the phone, so he is torn. at some point i wake up and realize it's a dream (and not even my current phone). i fall back asleep and go right back into the stress of having lost my phone. trying to convince the guy to leave it in a certain place so a friend can drive there and pick it up. finally i wake up.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hit and Run, Changing Reality, Eating Crickets


i can't remember the long beginning part, but at some point i was driving in my car. it looked like a different city but i knew my way around. traffic was kind of thick and i was making a left. the light turned yellow so i pulled into the intersection. there were too many vehicles backed up so the back of the car was in the path of oncoming cars. of course some woman sped past and clipped my car on the front and back. some major damage. i go into panic mode as i just got my car back after several months in the shop in real life. the driver didn't stop, but no one cared. i went to some police substation or traffic office to ask about my rights and they ignored me. eventually i am telling my wife and she is super pissed.

after freaking out for a long while, it dawns on me that i can just roll back reality to the moment before and change it so it never happened. of course my wife is skeptical. after wracking my brain trying to figure out how to do that, and when i am about to give up, i wake up. i realize i was asleep and it never happened. i doze back off to the dream and my dream-self is aware that the accident never happened. now i am seeing visions of dreams and lives that overlap and realities that are changed via dreams. don't like what happens? dream a different life and wake up in it. so easy! this all seems like amazing factual information and i feel like a dream genius.

eventually the dream changes several times (can't remember) and at the end i'm hanging out in some girls apartment with a bunch of friends. they are all eating deep fried crickets off the floor like popcorn. as everyone is laughing and crunching, i see a live one and point him out. "he's alive! get him!" and everyone laughs and laughs. and then i wake up.

Friday, August 12, 2016

CNL's Wooden Lectern & Basement Chihuahua

i had this messed up dream this morning where i was in my childhood home again, but CNL (crazy neighbor lady) lived in my old neighbors house. it's late at night and i decided to break into her house to 'borrow' a wooden lectern from the garage. i opened the side door and then the big garage door and carried it out. the next night i decided to put it back, but this time i sneak in through a window and climb into her basement, where she is punishing a small chihuahua in the dark. so i comfort this little dog and escape before the cops show up. eventually i find out she's trying to press charges but i woke up before she could do anything. whaaat

Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump the Butcher

Had a dream we lived in another house in another town, it was late at night, pitch black outside and someone was at the back door. I turned the light on and opened it but there was only a black shadow. Eventually he revealed himself, it was Donald trump. My wife was running against him (3rd party) in the presidential race. Trump brought with him, hundreds of pounds of different types of meats, wrapped in old newspaper. He insisted we have a giant meal together with a large group of children he hand picked. He also demanded we place pillows on the kitchen floor for all of them. I had hung a newspaper article about how dumb he was on the wall and worried he would see it, but he never did. What he did do was pace around while my wife cooked all the food, wearing a suit, grimacing and giving out advice as he saw fit. He said it was good PR for everyone to come together and feed the children. The cooking of the food lasted forever and eventually I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. what?

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Steve Janiak's F'n Rock and Roll Jamboree and General Hoe Down Vol 2: Featuring BRIMSTONE COVEN, VOID KING and ARCHARUS live at the 5th Quarter Lounge 7/25/16

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

live speech on tv

Jul 27, 2016 8:58am had a dream i was at some big washington function and was supposed to give a live speech on national tv about the president. i didn't have any time to prepare so i was going to wing it. they didn't tell me a start time, so when it happened i was completely caught off guard. i started with my name and then someone pointed to a teleprompter that was going too fast. so instead of reading it, i just let out some insane word salad that made no sense whatsoever, kind of like miss teen south carolina's finest moment but infinitely worse. i spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out how to get on tv to explain what happened

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

undercover work with chris goss

Apr 05, 2016 11:04am had a dream i was doing weird undercover work with Masters of Reality's Chris Goss. we spent most of that time at some old hotel. there were bicycles involved. at the end of the gig i thought he didn't like me, but then he gave me a bunch of crystals and said i could join the band on tour as a backup singer

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mike Pence Cyborg Wedding Chat

Mar 30, 2016 10:55am had a dream I sat next to mike pence at a wedding. I asked about his favorite music (he doesn't listen to it). he wanted to hear my bands, not for himself, but as his governor-type duty. Then I noticed his pupils were unusually large and I walked away feeling confident about him being a cyborg. later I chatted up peyton manning.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

metal guy tries to kill one of us


Living in some church
Someone warned me that some metal guy was trying to get in and kill one of our group
I went to the door and locked it just in time
Later he was still out there and we were locking doors for the first time
I saw him outside the window

Saturday, February 27, 2016

spy comedy club - trapped at the shelter


Spy comedy club
Trapped after hours at shelter w two cats, no cell or ride

Many cats kittens, bunnies etc in backyard, tractor and hoses

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Prince Knievel - FBI chase - memorial


we were on the run. the FBI was after us. for what, i have no idea. we had to make a pit stop in a small midwestern town. we went into the back warehouse part of some diner. we ended up looking for a lost dog, the cute, scroungy mutt looking kind. some guy showed up, we booked.

we're on the highway driving. it's a 4 lane with a grassy median. we're flying at over 100 mph, one or two FBI vehicles on our tail. at some point i look over and there is PRINCE, the purple one, in the driver's seat of a black SUV. he's wearing a purple helmet and a cape and is smiling at us. he guns it and goes up to 200 mph instantly. ahead in the distance are massive streamers hanging in the air, they are motionless. they look like a stationary firework sculpture in the sky, only they are reflective metal and it's sunny out. PRINCE's car shapeshifts into a rocket and pulls up, shooting straight into the sky. somehow at 100 mph we are seemingly motionless, watching. apparently he is now a daredevil and is going to freefall from the rocket in his purple suit. the rocket stops at the top of the sky and he falls out, he's hitting the streamers on the way down, spinning and flipping and wowing the crowds who somehow gathered on the side of the highway.

the FBI got close but they were distracted by PRINCE's freefall stunt. (thanks!) now we're at some banquet hall. there is a giant, maybe 200 foot tall white screen at one end and hundreds of folding chairs in rows. there are so many chairs that i borrow a bicycle to ride around to choose one.

the event is some sort of memorial for my friend brady who recently passed away. i'm trying to explain in my mind why we hadn't spoken in so long. i remember sending an essay form, with questions. he refused to fill it out, simply writing "no" next to the question about staying friends.

after the event, i'm in the back room. there is a large rubber trash can with debris in it. when i look closer there are books from my collection inside. i grab a few to take them back home.

the end?

Monday, February 15, 2016

duff mckagan's personal assistant


i'm backstage somewhere. some rocker dude that i think was duff mckagan walks in. he's worried about the big reunion show. i tell him it's a piece of cake, whatever. he looks in the mirror or into the wardrobe closet. i look at the back of his hair and it's all teased out 1980s style but with plugs. i mildly recoil in horror. i can't remember after that.

the end?

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

weird baby body snatchers

dream: i can only remember bits of it, but there were eyeless, hairless babies that were climbing up on sleeping people and merging their arms and face into the back of the sleepers heads. this allowed them to take over their bodies. i had one get its' fists into the back of my head and it was about to merge the face but someone helped me yank it out. it was burrowed in like a deep tree root. what the hell?