Saturday, October 15, 2016

karaoke cake - carrying the fennel - old phone


i'm in some large banquet hall type of convention place with a fancy restaurant inside. dressed out of place, i don't know why i am there. had some conversations and eventually found a room full of trophies. i heard someone say i won 'best karaoke' so i'm looking at the trophies and none say anything about it. then on the front of the big table of trophies is a small cake with my name on it in red icing.

eventually i take a big clump of fennel from the salad bar (or kitchen?) and walk around with it, eating the leaves as i go. it seems funny at first, until the fennel grows larger and larger, and eventually becomes the size of a basketball. it's also getting heavier and the staff are looking for me, so i need to find a place to dump it. i'm looking for a bathroom. i see a hallway with toilets along both walls, but i wake up.

bonus dream: (from a few days ago)

the band is on tour and i leave my old phone sitting somewhere. we're heading off to the next city when i realize it. luckily some kid finds it, but his dad is a devout christian. so the dad is thinking about mailing the phone to me, but he sees evil images and heavy metal on the phone, so he is torn. at some point i wake up and realize it's a dream (and not even my current phone). i fall back asleep and go right back into the stress of having lost my phone. trying to convince the guy to leave it in a certain place so a friend can drive there and pick it up. finally i wake up.

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