Thursday, December 19, 2013

new dream: plane crash w/ video

So I had this bonkers dream last night. I was in Las Vegas, by myself for some reason. I was staying at this small, light-green stucco hotel. There were small tents around the perimeter, people selling stuff. A small market. There was no grass, only sandy dirt. Some palm trees around. Vegas skyline off in the distance.

I got off the phone and noticed two 747 jumbo jets both taking off at the same time, they were huge in the sky. One above the other, coming my direction. What a perfect view, I thought. I got out my phone and started to take a photo, but it was set to video. As soon as I think to change it, one plane pulls up and runs straight into the bottom of the plane above it. Massive explosion. both planes careen downward and look to be coming right at me.

I am still standing there, dumbfounded, holding my phone taking video of the whole thing. I finally come to my senses and my legs shake as I turn to run into the hotel. "Inside!" I yell to people running around me. I feel like the whole place is going to be crushed at any second, and I'm scrambling to find a bathroom or room without a window. I go through some doors and finally find a bathroom corner as I hear crashing noises. A girl runs by and I tell her to hunker down in the corner too. I pull the door open to block any flying glass. And we wait.

Things get really quiet. I'm expecting destruction, but it never comes. Eventually 10 minutes or so pass and I go outside to see what happened. As pass the threshold of the main entrance, both planes hit the ground in giant fireballs on both sides of the hotel. A gust of hot air and dust blows from all directions. Aside from some dirt in my eye, I am uscathed.

People start running out and yelling. Some are running to help survivors. A firetruck blows past. I am looking at my footage and it's a perfect HD shot of the planes hitting each other and exploding. I spend the next few dream sequences frustratingly talking to news outlets trying to get the best offer for my footage. Other people are selling their footage and they are either terrible angles from a security cam or they start right after the explosion. I know I will finally sell it, but I get distracted, as some old friends come to see me. As we're talking, I am still in the same clothes as during the accident. Time hasn't passed for me more than 15 minutes, but a day or two has gone by for everyone else. I tell my friends how I was worried about the planes hitting me but I knew they probably wouldn't. As we sit on an outside deck of the hotel, one of the planes is being carted past on a giant flatbed. There is a huge hole just behind the cabin. Everyone oohs and aahs. I'm still wondering who's gonna pay for this footage.

the end?