Friday, August 12, 2016

CNL's Wooden Lectern & Basement Chihuahua

i had this messed up dream this morning where i was in my childhood home again, but CNL (crazy neighbor lady) lived in my old neighbors house. it's late at night and i decided to break into her house to 'borrow' a wooden lectern from the garage. i opened the side door and then the big garage door and carried it out. the next night i decided to put it back, but this time i sneak in through a window and climb into her basement, where she is punishing a small chihuahua in the dark. so i comfort this little dog and escape before the cops show up. eventually i find out she's trying to press charges but i woke up before she could do anything. whaaat

Monday, August 8, 2016

Trump the Butcher

Had a dream we lived in another house in another town, it was late at night, pitch black outside and someone was at the back door. I turned the light on and opened it but there was only a black shadow. Eventually he revealed himself, it was Donald trump. My wife was running against him (3rd party) in the presidential race. Trump brought with him, hundreds of pounds of different types of meats, wrapped in old newspaper. He insisted we have a giant meal together with a large group of children he hand picked. He also demanded we place pillows on the kitchen floor for all of them. I had hung a newspaper article about how dumb he was on the wall and worried he would see it, but he never did. What he did do was pace around while my wife cooked all the food, wearing a suit, grimacing and giving out advice as he saw fit. He said it was good PR for everyone to come together and feed the children. The cooking of the food lasted forever and eventually I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. what?