Wednesday, November 30, 2016

finalist slot pull


This morning I had a dream I was one of 8 finalists to spin a slot machine for a $42 million payout, even tho I didn't have the $250,000 entry fee

Friday, November 18, 2016

gangsters, cops, fires & eldemur krimm


gangster and cop selling drugs together
pair of sunglasses w the word hippies written on them
fast food joint side business (illegal stolen pallet reselling) goes up in flames when cop gets caught?
Gangster dies in fire.
Run into Eldemur Krimm years later, Jason quit and destitute w family, then I take Fred to scene of the fire, he inadvertently catches fast food joint on fire by flipping something into still lit burners on stove

the end?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

broken window - beaned a poet in the chin - get out


the band is sitting in my car. guy from another local band wants to yell at me, but i won't roll the window down. he punches the back window, and threatens to break it. i tell him to try. after bunches of punches, the window shatters. i call 911, saying i want to report the damage to an officer. the operator tries to chastise me for calling, i tell her i need a record of the incident for my insurance.

eventually a cop shows up. and hundreds of other people. everyone is sitting in my apartment, talking. i see other local band guys and some national celebrities. someone is loudly reciting a poem out of view. i come around a large wall support beam and ask them to stop, my nerves are toast. except this chick can't hear me because she's yelling the poem now. i pull an orange usb flash drive coated in a rubbery casing out of my pocket, throw it hard to the floor. it takes a hard bounce and flies up hard into her chin. she stops, stunned as everyone turns to look at me. "everyone needs to get out of here, none of you were invited." nobody moves, the chatter begins again. i reach my breaking point, "GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE! GO ON! GET OUUUUUT" at this point everyone looks irritated as they finally get up and start moving. i may have thrown another item and hit someone else in the head, i can't remember.

as everyone is finally going, i see corey feldman. he's somehow my right-hand man. i think that annoying bill bellamy guy is there too. eventually i wake up, irritated.