Wednesday, July 5, 2017

blacked out - little kings - bus crash - alternate realities

weirdest dream this morning:

the bands are playing a show at some event. there is a huge white room with red curtains and giant white columns scattered around. the stage is huge. we don't play for a while so i sit at what looks like a giant video game and start drinking some Little Kings. after a while of goofing off and drinking, things get fuzzy. at a certain point i realize that everyone is carrying equipment off the stage. no one is talking to me. the show is definitely over, the crowd is leaving. it finally occurs to me that i blacked out through BOTH sets with two different bands. i start asking what happened, but no one wants to speak to me. some of the guys are shaking their heads at me. chad slams a door in my face. finally chuck tells me "it was pretty bad. missing cues, bad notes, you forgot all the lyrics, you name it. it was kinda funny tho." as everyone is loading up vehicles, a kid and his girlfriend come around and ask for an autograph or something, but they are laughing. he had recorded some video and i ask him to send it to me. we get into the bus and it's my turn to drive. i start driving and we get up on the highway. i am trying to watch the video to see how bad the show was, and i'm having a very hard time staying straight on the road. the guys are too pissed to notice me swerving. this goes on for a while even though i can't make out much on the video. i'm looking at it again as we come around a big curve and i realize we are about 100 feet in the air on an overpass, and i'm heading for the left guardrail, i yank the steering wheel too hard and we shift hard right, the bus tips sideways and we slide right over the right guardrail into the abyss. i scream out "whaaaaaaaaat" and jolt out from my sleep. i think to myself 'what the hell?' and try to make a mental note to remember this crazy dream. as i'm laying there planning to get up, i fall right back asleep into the same dream.

we are somewhere else now, everyone is together. i can't remember where or why or what we're doing.  i'm still asking about the show that i don't remember. 'except it was only a dream' i think to myself. that's when things start to get weird. as i am relieved that it's just a dream, i try to explain to the guys that 'this' is a dream. but they're having none of it. they slowly convince me that it's not a dream after all, it did happen, we are really sitting there talking. eventually, i say "i think i'm caught in two alternate realities!" but that's rejected outright. i slowly forget about the alternate reality guy sleeping in bed. i go right back to being upset about blacking out and start talking about quitting drinking for good. this goes on for what feels like forever, and then i wake up.