Monday, January 28, 2013

crime, guns & broken teeth 1.28.13

had a dream part of my tooth broke off while eating. i went to my dentist (bill maher) who pulled a golf ball sized quartz crystal out of my mouth that had small quartz crossbars holding it together. although i was adamant (not adam ant), he said it was fine and sent me away. back at our houseboat, the feds were onto us, michael lindenaur was the snitch (and the perp) and we had to get rid of the gun (and the passport) before they showed up. the only problem was, my cousin Paula had sold him the gun, so it would lead right back to us. my friend Lori showed up and wanted out of the deal. i woke up before the deal went down.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

baby koalas & parakeets & alien masks 1.27.13

had a dream i was living next to a giant garden-forest. i walked through the garden and caught baby koalas and tiny white baby parakeets. i had 3 or 4 cages for the birds but they kept chewing through them, so you had to keep an eye on them. the baby koalas roamed freely and giggled all over the tiny house we lived in. at some point i had to transport the parakeets and ended up in a massive store type complex. i was in the construction materials zone, and a dumptruck 4 stories high drove right past me. there were crane robots lifting massive i-beams into storage as far as the eye could see. obviously i was lost. there were beings everywhere. one tall alien went by, his mask was a 3D computer generated marvel, so i wanted to take a pic. but like in all my dreams my iphone wouldn't work and he kept moving. then i saw a dracula face and i asked him to stop so i could get a pic. he went into a small room and i tried and tried but it wasn't happening. he took off the mask and told me the way out. i was in a twisting hallway, with giant metal signs, christmas, octoberfest, beer signs, german this and that. i was amazed at these signs and their weird randomness when one of the parakeets bit me. i can't remember what else. then i woke up. the end?

Monday, January 21, 2013

sharks, rhinos & antique shops

so i had a dream we were in some antique shop in some foreign country. i brought a couple giant, white and pastel ceramic statues up to the counter but ended up buying a wicker lamp-stool thing (?). we got on a boat to go down the jungle river to the lodge, but something happened and we were floating in the river. she says "sharks!" and i look over and see 3 great white sharks swimming on top of the water, each one has a person trying to hide on its tail. the sharks are going for the other survivors. the river splits and we're getting carried away and i don't know which split leads to the lodge. finally a rhinoceros standing in the shallows nudges us onto some rocks before disappearing. eventually a rescue boat shows up with a rasta guy. he says our driver had been killed by shrapnel from the motor exploding. i told him i had to get my wicker lamp-stool thing and our bags, they're still on the boat. he said something but the birds were screaming bloody murder and woke me up. the end?