Friday, August 25, 2017

Herbert Hootenanny Poole


there's a show in some far off location on a weeknight. a handful of people from the past came out and there was minor drama. after the show my wife and i left and drove to our home in the country. off in the distance i can see some contraption flying down the road with three people on it, all wearing bright blue suits. it looks like a child's swingset with some straps and wheels, but it's a new olympic-sport-related riding machine. two of the people are on the left side, one hanging upside down with their head near the road's surface. the other person is on the left, for balance. i make a comment about how weird it looks and my wife turns our corn-glider (sort of a cross between a landspeeder and a bobsled) hard left into an empty corn field and we pick up speed. apparently she has also been training for corn-gliding in the next olympics. we're zipping all around and she's talking nonchalantly about this or that. eventually we see something in the distance and we slow down. i jump out and see what looks like a hyena with glowing eyes across the field. before i can do anything it's right up next to me and the face morphs into a strange alien face. he says his name is herbert hootenanny poole, not of this earth... and he's here to make a film about himself, which i am already starring in. the film is also called herbert hootenanny poole, not of this earth.

i woke up before it got any weirder

the end?