Saturday, February 27, 2016

spy comedy club - trapped at the shelter


Spy comedy club
Trapped after hours at shelter w two cats, no cell or ride

Many cats kittens, bunnies etc in backyard, tractor and hoses

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Prince Knievel - FBI chase - memorial


we were on the run. the FBI was after us. for what, i have no idea. we had to make a pit stop in a small midwestern town. we went into the back warehouse part of some diner. we ended up looking for a lost dog, the cute, scroungy mutt looking kind. some guy showed up, we booked.

we're on the highway driving. it's a 4 lane with a grassy median. we're flying at over 100 mph, one or two FBI vehicles on our tail. at some point i look over and there is PRINCE, the purple one, in the driver's seat of a black SUV. he's wearing a purple helmet and a cape and is smiling at us. he guns it and goes up to 200 mph instantly. ahead in the distance are massive streamers hanging in the air, they are motionless. they look like a stationary firework sculpture in the sky, only they are reflective metal and it's sunny out. PRINCE's car shapeshifts into a rocket and pulls up, shooting straight into the sky. somehow at 100 mph we are seemingly motionless, watching. apparently he is now a daredevil and is going to freefall from the rocket in his purple suit. the rocket stops at the top of the sky and he falls out, he's hitting the streamers on the way down, spinning and flipping and wowing the crowds who somehow gathered on the side of the highway.

the FBI got close but they were distracted by PRINCE's freefall stunt. (thanks!) now we're at some banquet hall. there is a giant, maybe 200 foot tall white screen at one end and hundreds of folding chairs in rows. there are so many chairs that i borrow a bicycle to ride around to choose one.

the event is some sort of memorial for my friend brady who recently passed away. i'm trying to explain in my mind why we hadn't spoken in so long. i remember sending an essay form, with questions. he refused to fill it out, simply writing "no" next to the question about staying friends.

after the event, i'm in the back room. there is a large rubber trash can with debris in it. when i look closer there are books from my collection inside. i grab a few to take them back home.

the end?

Monday, February 15, 2016

duff mckagan's personal assistant


i'm backstage somewhere. some rocker dude that i think was duff mckagan walks in. he's worried about the big reunion show. i tell him it's a piece of cake, whatever. he looks in the mirror or into the wardrobe closet. i look at the back of his hair and it's all teased out 1980s style but with plugs. i mildly recoil in horror. i can't remember after that.

the end?