Saturday, April 11, 2015

cruise ship heroin lounge


was on some kind of weird futuristic cruise ship. it was so huge it had roads and towns. at a gas station, a mobile strip club pulled in to fuel up. it was three segmented compartments connected with a  hitch... covered in neon lights.

later i'm in the mall on the cruise ship. there's a boutique heroin lounge. i'm wanting to try it but not sure if i'll get in trouble. the lady at the desk informs me you pick your amount and pay. give up your ID. they take you back to a little room and give you a dose. you relax in a chair or on a couch. if your heart stops beating, the phone will ring on the front desk and they'll come resuscitate you. my crazy neighbor lady is there. i know this because i figure out that once you're in the small rooms, they shrink you to miniature size and put you in this tiny dollhouse. i found the dollhouse and lived up the top. saw everyone very tiny from above. i convince myself i don't need to try it, because i can reach the same enlightened state via meditation.

there was more to it but i can't remember