Monday, January 21, 2013

sharks, rhinos & antique shops

so i had a dream we were in some antique shop in some foreign country. i brought a couple giant, white and pastel ceramic statues up to the counter but ended up buying a wicker lamp-stool thing (?). we got on a boat to go down the jungle river to the lodge, but something happened and we were floating in the river. she says "sharks!" and i look over and see 3 great white sharks swimming on top of the water, each one has a person trying to hide on its tail. the sharks are going for the other survivors. the river splits and we're getting carried away and i don't know which split leads to the lodge. finally a rhinoceros standing in the shallows nudges us onto some rocks before disappearing. eventually a rescue boat shows up with a rasta guy. he says our driver had been killed by shrapnel from the motor exploding. i told him i had to get my wicker lamp-stool thing and our bags, they're still on the boat. he said something but the birds were screaming bloody murder and woke me up. the end?

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