Friday, March 31, 2017

overnight karma records win - pajama pants - drunk driving girl - snoot boopsketball


had a dream i won a sweepstakes where the winners got to sleep overnight in a huge Karma Records store. we got to pick out items we wanted in the morning. it was kind of like a kid stuck in a candy store deal, but you have to curl up in your sleeping bag at some point. in the morning i had stacked all my items on a folding table, LPs, CDs, little collectibles. some girl came up and said there was a discrepancy.

later the Karma Records turned into a very tall castle. corey webb showed up in printed white pajama pants, acting all cool.

the next part i remember, i am a drunk girl, driving a car poorly on a cold winter night in a snow covered small town, trying to avoid a couple cop cars, who are after me. i end up on some residential street that is blocked on one end and have to back up and turn around, but the cops are around the corner. totally freaking out at that point. i think i blacked out.

the last bit i can recall is hanging out with dax shepard, in his house. he has a small toy dog that jumps up and bounces a nerf ball off its nose into a miniature basketball hoop. he throws the ball, the dog snoot boops it in. this goes on for a long time with many trick shots. as he tells me he's heading to some park to show off for a crowd, i suggest he start a new league: the American Snoot Boopsketball league. he thinks i am a genius and says he should.

the end?

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