Saturday, March 11, 2017

jane roberts on a bus in colorado


had a dream i met jane roberts on a bus in colorado. i told her i was a huge fan and had read all the seth books (except oversoul seven). i told her about how the material and the concepts crashed over me like waves as i read them. i asked where she's been these days and she said she splits her time between colorado and ohio. after i ran out of things to say, i asked her what her favorite manifestations were, saying mine were the infinitely small and inconsequential ones, like finding a dime when i needed ten cents, or finding a parking spot. i'm not sure what her answer was but eventually i had to get off the bus. after walking around for a while, i decided to go find her and see if i could get some contact info so i could email or write her, that's when it occurred to me that she died in 1984.

i can't remember the rest

[edit: at some point i lost my voice entirely while talking to her]

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