Thursday, May 8, 2014

huge family dinner, sleeping = good, broken glasses


i'm sleeping in a cubbyhole adjacent to a big dining room. my mom is trying to wake me up because the entire family (and several other families, apparently) are over for some holiday dinner. i am in and out of a dream and getting irritated, so i curse and yell. allegedly everyone hears and is offended. finally i wake up and go into the dining area (or one of the dining areas) and knock over an entire bowl of peas and bacon. don't mess with me! finally i go up the stairs of this house (which looks like a mansion) and open a door. there are a bunch of little kids in there, all dressed up. i introduce myself and we become fast friends. waking up is yucky, they say.

later i'm walking down a street with a line of trees in the middle of it. my glasses suddenly fly off my head, i think because my head is getting too big. the glasses fly in two sections and land about 50 feet away. i run over to pick them up and they are broken in the center. i put them on even though they are broken and they fall off, over and over.

the end?

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