Friday, May 2, 2014

jurassic park / alien mask / kiss nugent party


today i dreamed that i was at a huge festival show. i ended up onstage with lamb of god and randy was trying to make me sing some part of some song. later i was on a bus riding to kid rock's house.

yesterday's dream:

we were flying in a ship with an open top, like a boat. we're high above some nature preserve / park that is full of large dinosaurs and other massive creatures. leaning over the edge in disbelief, i can see an epic battle going on below. as we go a little lower we fly over some water. a huge whale-sized black shark fish thing with lots of teeth comes out of the water and flies right up below us and grabs the corner of the ship. the pilot speeds up and the entire craft shakes for  a second before the shark fish lets go and drops back into the water.

next we're at a party and someone there is looking for me. i put on my alien mask and pretend i'm someone else. this allows me to hear all the conversation about me. mostly about expectations of some sort.

eventually i am at someone's house for a different party. we're in the basement. allegedly KISS is playing. the equipment is all set up but the band hasn't shown up. suddenly ted nugent shows up and says he is filling in, by himself. he takes off his shirt and tries to look tough as he starts singing KISS songs. everyone starts filing out.

the end?

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