Thursday, April 24, 2014

sucked into criminal hillbilly family


two mornings ago, i dreamed that i ended up joining a hockey team. yesterday i dreamed i became an assistant for the band KISS.

this morning, i had a dream that i was working for some murderous hillbillies. we were in some garage made of corrugated metal. the garage was on a large property that was a commune for these criminals and their families. we were supposed to be fixing cars but in reality were doing sinister things. at first i tried to ignore the signs. but eventually i was being made an accessory. i can't remember specific details but it seemed like kidnapping, rape and murder were all involved.

at some point they were onto me and i had to feign ignorance. another time i went back to the garage to sabotage them, but was nearly caught. was chased in the dark into a field and hid behind some bushes.

another time i went into a dusty room in the back and it was filled with stolen televisions. a friend and i were going to watch something, sports maybe. i moved many dust covered tvs of all types to get to the flatscreen in the back. unfortunately didn't work and the boss came in and busted us.

eventually i burned the entire commune to the ground and felt vindicated. but the patriarch of the family was still free and he wanted to kill me.

the end?

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