Monday, April 7, 2014

crazy store, kurt at the mall, lost my stuff


i'm in some crazy store owned or partly owned by josh homme. there are all kinds of kidrobot collectible and limited release toys. there are weird but hyper stylish rock and roll clothes. tons and tons of stuff. everywhere i look is something i have never seen before that is something i would probably want. there is rad colored glasswear with various rare band names and tv show tie-ins. i am like a small child in awe. barbie gets bored, she wants to leave. she goes and sits by the register while i keep finding more freaky weird awesome stuff.

later i'm at the shopping mall with kurt cobain. he looks young and healthy. i think i'm 17 years old. we're waiting in line for something. maybe a pretzel, i dunno. there are people starting to stare and whisper. they can't believe he is here. i ask him if it bothers him and he says it doesn't. there are two high school looking, bratty faced girls across the way. he asks me if i think they would do him. "probably that one on the right" i say.

much later i am in the airport. i have returned from somewhere far away. i can't find some electronics. one is a twitter only device. the other is similar, but for instagram. there may be another missing. i can't tell. i want to go back and check the airplane but it's too late for that. we end up at this house. some of my cousins are there. it seems like somebody's young, snarky girlfriend's house. the walls are black and the carpet is red. we have to stay here for the night. i'm pacing around, still looking through my stuff for my missing stuff. i go upstairs and it's the same: red carpet. black walls. i see a sagging part in the carpet and realize it's a giant hole covered up with a carpet piece. a trap! i don't fall into it and i don't appreciate it. suddenly barbie comes in and sits down on a couch. i can see she is sitting on my electronics case! "get up!" i yell. she seems annoyed that i think she took the electronics. but the case she sat on is empty. anxiety. ugh.

the end?

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