Thursday, April 10, 2014

loose hedgehog - yellow bike - record store restaurant


i'm at a friend of a friend's house. i have never been here before. it's in some area surrounded by lush, green trees. the house is very small and cluttered. my friend and his friend (who owns the house) are off doing something in another room. i am bored and wandering around. in the kitchen there's a little girl sitting at the table, eating breakfast cereal... cats are fighting each other below. there is a sliding patio door behind her but it's dark outside. i am wearing a dress for no reason other than it seems like a funny thing to do. i see there is a small hedgehog on the floor and i follow it to the door. the door blows open and it runs outside. i yell to my friend's friend that it escaped and he yells back that it's fine. i decide to go after it to keep an eye on it. except when i get outside it has grown to the size of wild hog. it actually looks like it turned into a wild hog. it runs off into the woods. i yell for the others but they can't hear me. somehow i know it's going to get to the size of a rhinoceros.

at this point, still wearing a dress (which is more or less a patchwork of ugly, pastel colored squares that is long enough for me to eschew wearing pants) i decide to go for a late night ride into town. even though it's 2am, i am riding a bright yellow bicycle. i can't remember any of the ride itself. but when i get to town, it looks like a very old european village, but everyone speaks spanish. lots of hand carved cobblestone and brickwork. everything appears very very old. suddenly i am driving the band van. (remembering?) i want to go to the record store / restaurant but i can't find any parking. i end up jumping a curb and driving the van down a bunch of steps, first one angle then another. still can't find a parking space. i jump on the interstate (which is high in the sky) to head home.

now i'm back on the yellow bike and i realize i don't have a lock for it. i find a room next to the record store that is open and has some odds and ends in it. so i put the bike in a corner. when i get to the record store-restaurant it's packed, even thought it's 2am. i'm standing in line and kids are pointing and laughing. two latino girls are squeezed in line behind me and they can't stop giggling. i am laughing too. the store owner isn't really laughing though, but he doesn't really mind me being there. the record store-restaurant is very small. white tiled floors and large bins of vinyl records that are all built on stands so the records are waist high. there is one small path that winds around all the records. the ceiling is low and there are lots of flats and other dumb crap (piƱatas?) hanging from it. the walls are covered with promotional items and the lights are a dull fluorescent.  i see a friend i haven't seen since high school. i can't even remember her name. she asks the usual questions, "how are you doing? how are things going? what's with the dress?".... i peruse the records for a while, seeing albums and artists i've never heard of. i don't think i have a wallet, or any place to keep any records, so i don't buy any. eventually i decide to get some food and that takes forever. seems like i'm the only one eating. it's a small booth in the back with very tall, dark wooden chairs and table. the entire area is painted a bright, light blue. there is a small screen door that goes to an outside kitchen. it slams every time someone goes through. i can't remember the food but it might have been soup. or mexican. or mexican soup. most of the original customers are gone now. and it's daylight. some men come in and start harassing me about the dress.

i decide to ride home and say goodbye to the owners. but when i get to the adjacent room, there is even more clutter and several yellow bikes, all of which are missing parts. some are hanging on the wall with no wheels and another is in pieces. none of them are my bike though. (and by 'my bike' i mean the bike i was borrowing from my friend's friend). there is drywall piled up in the room also. some is cut, some are fragments. some are up on saw-horses. there are other tools and lots of dust covering everything. i spend the rest of the dream going around and asking about the bike. it's like the dream stopped and i was stuck in it because the bike was stolen. i literally wait around in the dream for something to happen, someone to show up with it, some witness telling me where it is. nothing. eventually my friend jason treadway shows up and he agrees to give me a ride. i follow him down a gravel path through a thick patch of bushes. still bummed about the bike. then i wake up.

the end?

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