Friday, April 11, 2014

big ole tour, bunch of bands, one van


the band is finally going on a big tour. but for some reason we are sharing our van with all the bands. one of the bands is exhorder. another is either fates warning or dream theater, i can't actually tell. then there are two death metal bands that i don't even know. all the bands are milling around the van. like most of my dreams, we're in the woods. there is a trailer full of gear and the van seems extra long (that's what she said?). there is a middle aisle running through the seats, like a school bus. we are all riding in the van though, it seems like there is 24 people total, plus merch guy and roadies. the only problem is, the exhorder guys don't like the dream theater guys. they are mocking them behind their big curly hairdoos. everyone is wearing black. black shirts, black pants, black shoes.

 i step out of the van and someone opens a road case. it's an exhorder hoodie, they screened the inside of the hood part. it looks really cool. i want one.

at some point the guys say we have to adjust the ventilation on the van, since it is going to be so crowded. except we pull it out and it's giant aluminum tubes, like the ventilation on a huge building. we have to cut a hole in one of the tubes and run another tube to the back. what?

eventually, it's time to leave. someone from dream theater comes up and tells me to get in the van. then he says, "remember, the first show is in Germany!" which doesn't make any sense either, since we're still in the USA sitting in a van. whatever.

the end?

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