Friday, April 18, 2014

sporting goods megachurch family adventures


i'm walking with a large family, but not my current family. we are inside what can only be described as a massive sporting goods store / megachurch. it's bigger than an amusement park. there are sprawling green manicured lawns and weird futuristic buildings off in the distance. a canal and small walkways run throughout, yet we are still 'inside'. someone hands me a 'catalog' for the place. it's probably 8x10 per page but 10 inches thick. that's impossible, i think. they couldn't have that many items. turns out only a small part of it is items for sale, there are other texts, stories and puzzles for kids taking up the rest of it.

next we are in an upstairs area watching a film on a screen so large you can't see the edges. the movie is about betrayal and killing your boss. sharon stone plays two identical looking characters trying to get one over on each other. one of them is the boss of the other. they are suspended by wires in a room with a large domed ceiling. neither of them can really move because of the wires. the boss was trapped into this scenario, but now they are both talking about killing each other. the scene is very intense and the dialog very dramatic, but i don't know any other details of the story. as i'm making fun of the scene, someone gets offended. my mom asks some snarky question about cd manufacturers, implying i slept with one. "what are you talking about?" "nevermind." more snark.

soon we're in a large room that feels like a cafeteria. there are big folding tables with attached seating just like in school. everything is white and orange. the ceiling has a mural painted on it, to look like clouds and sky. there are ornate, wooden carvings hanging down from it. some are painted to look like angels. one is supposed to be god himself. he looks like a nondescript, short haired jesus. he has wings and is reaching towards the people down below.

i'm sitting at a table with some of my family. i have a giant jambox and pop in a cassette. some great tunes come flowing loudly out of it. suddenly we are asked to turn the music off. turns out there are handicapped people around the room who are trying to sleep. some are in wheelchairs, some are in folding beds. i woke some of them up with the music. oops.

eventually i'm in my own apartment. i have a large sliding glass door. just outside of that door, lying on the porch / deck, are three cats. they are all lying on their backs, twitching ever so slightly. it looks like they have all been poisoned. i don't get a chance to find out why because i wake up.

the end?

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