Saturday, April 19, 2014

chuck's party, teal jeep test ride bump, hot sauces


was over at chuck brown's house for a party. everyone was sitting around on bean bags in a red room. there was a bright wood floor. i think we were watching tv. chuck had his head turned away from me. it seemed like he scowled at everything i said. finally i asked if he was mad. he told me he was sick of the fact that i had everything handed to me, where he had to work hard, even as a little baby.

later brian parker was test driving vehicles in this weird, sunny neighborhood. he pulled a teal colored, jeep looking thing to the edge of his driveway and ran back inside while it was still running. i ran across the street and jumped into it. i took a right and hit the gas. the pedals were really small and far away. i got up some speed and thought how funny my prank was. except a car in front of me was coming to a stoplight, much slower than i thought. i slammed on the breaks and the teal car slowed and slowed but right before it stopped, it bumped the car in front of me oh so gently. they looked like they were going to pull over. shit. i don't have my license and i'm just wearing a pair of shorts. they pulled forward instead because of the intersection. whew. then they pulled over next to a department store ahead. oh noes. i hit the gas and sped on by them, turning my head so they couldn't see my face as i passed.

i brought the car back to brian and we had a chuckle. he jumped in the car and took off. i walked over to a park area and under a picnic shelter looking structure was rob hough and a couple other dudes eating pizza. or maybe they were trying different hot sauces. i leaned over and told one of them that i bumped the car. he laughed. then i realized he would be the lone witness to testify against me. doh! dudes were getting mad that i didn't want any hot sauce, but i was strategizing.

the end?

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