Thursday, April 17, 2014

joining taint'd, bronze bathrooms, water parks & roller coasters


the band joined forces with another band called TAINT'D. we all moved into a 20x20 garage in a blizzard to practice. we had a space heater and one lamp. outside a sliding patio door (covered by blankets) was a swirling mass of snow. the walls were covered in carpets, foam, blankets and posters. it was dark outside and we were praying the power didn't go out.

next i'm in some large building. it looks like my old junior high school, named after failed presidential candidate wendell l wilkie. i'm alone, but it sounds like someone is following me. i have to go to the bathroom. i finally find one and all the toilets and fixtures are made of bronze. even the divider between stalls was bronze. i wanted to go to the bathroom but i was worried whoever was following me would ambush me.

eventually i am at a huge water park. it's so big i can't see the end of it. there's a large sloping hill on one side with slides connected to endless floating rivers full of innertubes and people. i have lost my friends and family and the only way to get to them is to leave the park. except i don't know how to do that. i'm floating on my innertube and trying to find the exit. i need to get to the parking lot but the floating river doesn't go that far. the park staff stops me and i have to walk to the car.

next i'm in what looks like a roller coaster, but isn't. there are no tracks and no wheels. my mom is in the small 'car' next to me and we're flying around some sort of castle with lots of curved walls. we are very very high up in the air and it feels like we'll fly off the 4 foot wide shelf we're coasting on. i have to grab onto passing statues to correct our flight. there are cars in front and in back of us, people are screaming for joy and also sheer terror.

there was something about two blondes in a huge fight. screaming and tears. they used to be friends but something happened. i can't remember. eye makeup is running down their faces.

yesterday i dreamed about going back in time with the band, but i failed to write anything down. by the time i thought about it, i had lost every single detail except the time travel part. ugh.

the end?

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