Tuesday, April 15, 2014

party with severin, the price is right, boulder ride


i was at a party hosted by mr todd severin. it was in some vfw type hall basement. he was giving away prizes for various categories. there was a huge stereo providing unending classic jams, but i had to fix the speakers because somehow they stopped working. at the end of the night, i was awarded 'best sound' (for fixing the speaker problem) and 'best songs'.

next i was on the set of the price is right. one of the models, manuela arbelaez, was sitting in a director's chair off to the side. i must have been a contestant because it seems like i had a nametag. i'm also wearing a very bright yellow suit jacket and a small black narrow tie. and yellow shorts. i look like spongebob. i walked up and started a conversation. she was polite but didn't want to hear it. i asked her if we could be friends. she started to look uncomfortable so i went to catering. there was a long table with a black tablecloth where all the staff had already eaten. i found a piece of orange looking cake and sat down and finished it. someone else saw me and started grabbing leftovers.

finally i am outside somewhere, it looks like utah or arizona. large orange boulders and desert. there is a huge row of boulders and a group of my friends head over to them. i climb up on the smallest one and make my way to the big one in the middle. as soon as i get on top of it, there is a huge explosion. the boulder i am on is shooting up into space. i begin to panic as there is nothing to hold onto. soon the boulder is slowing and it looks like we are a thousand feet in the air... then dropping. slowly picking up speed. then faster and faster. i am beyond panic now but i know if i want to survive i will have to jump off at the last minute. so i crawl to the edge and look down. just at the point of impact, i slide over the side. the boulder rolls towards me as i hit the ground, so i roll. it rolls some more, it feels like it's going to crush me but i roll again and finally it stops.

the end?

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