Tuesday, May 6, 2014

two giant arm gashes vs. foam healing worm

yesterday i had a dream i was hanging out with MSNBC's alex wagner. while sitting around with friends, i realized there was something gnawing on my right arm. i looked down to see two huge gashes on my forearm. they were an inch wide and a few inches long. on the left one was what looked to be a giant worm made of 'foam' that was part of my own cells. the worm had a head that was chewing the seams together to make it heal. we all watched in amazement. it was three times bigger than the biggest caterpillar. eventually it healed the cut all the way up and the worm disintegrated and fell off. the cut on the right became bigger though, and went all the way down to my thumb. it didn't hurt. i was showing it off like a battle wound. what?

the end?

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