Friday, May 16, 2014

on vacation, rental home renovations, underwear riding


my wife and i were on vacation somewhere, probably vegas. we rented some house instead of staying at a hotel. for some reason she gets mad at me and decided she would renovate the house. she ripped up some floor tiles and part of a wall. there would also be painting involved. i tried to argue that it wasn't our house, (and we were on vacation!) to no avail. eventually i had to leave so i grabbed a motorcycle and took off. i think it belonged to the homeowner. anyway, i am blocks away at a stop light when i realize i am wearing only tighty-whiteys. i have to get back to the house and get my pants. i make a u-turn and head into some neighborhood. i ride the motorcycle down an alley and up into someone's backyard. finally riding it into their open backdoor. there are people in the house, and i try to explain to them i just need to get home and put on some pants, "i'm on vacation," i say. turns out it is some girl i went to high school who lives there. and her husband i also know from somewhere. we start remembering the old times and head to a burger king. we're eating whoppers and talking and finally i remember i am not wearing pants. so i head outside to get the motorcycle and it's gone. someone took it. now i have to walk back and i'm not even sure where i am.

the end?

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