Friday, July 26, 2013

the shopping mall band feat. biz markie

this morning i had a dream i was stealing dinnerware from a Shoneys type restaurant. i was dressed like i worked there, jamming silverware in my apron, filling a cart with glasses, pitchers, whatever, and rolling them out to the parking lot.

later, i met lara spencer from good morning america at the shopping mall. she seemed to be strung out and you could tell she'd been crying. she had a sad story about being dumped repeatedly so i felt sorry for her. later we became an item.

at some point she aged 40 years and we started a band to make a living (all in the shopping mall). the band wasn't making any money but we ran into biz markie who was also looking for a gig, so we asked him to join. the three of us played in front of the fountain at the mall, 24-7. hoping to catch the pennies people were using for wishes, i think.

the end?

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