Thursday, March 6, 2014

drug bust, chubby psychic lady, kitchen encounter


there was a drug bust. i can see a small white room. scales and baggies on a table. there was a woman on the floor in various stages of undress. i can't tell if she is alive or dead. that's all i can remember.

eventually there is a little chubby psychic lady. she gave a reading and the word spread. she's doing readings on a greyhound bus. there is a line from the bus down the sidewalk, through the park, around the corner of people waiting to see her. somehow they get confused and think my wife is the psychic. now they are calling her instead and it's a big hassle-fest. there seems to be much more but i can't get to the details.

then i'm at some sort of family get together. most everyone is in the other room, but i walk into this unrecognizable kitchen. it has maroon marbled counters and black tiled floors. lots of food still laying around. my uncle paul is in there with another older man. he barks something at me, telling me to do something. i ignore him and am messing with something in the sink. there is a confrontation. i can't remember any other details.

 the end?

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