Saturday, March 22, 2014

pool time for the mentally challenged, pilot instructional video


i was in a home for the mentally challenged. we were in an indoor pool with tan tiles and dull, yellow walls. there was a sun roof. myself and a majority of the patients were at one end of the pool, while an instructor and a patient that looked like bubbles from trailer park boys were at the other. he was teaching him how to serve a volleyball. he missed several times and overshot several times. someone got hit in the face with the ball. at some point i looked down and saw a long haired cat lying on the bottom of the pool. i yelled but no one cared. i grabbed the cat, pulled it from the water and hoisted it on the side of the pool. it looked like colonel meow and it was soaked. it didn't suffer any ill effects and for all i can tell it was trying to drown itself. one of the employees brought out an old school tv and held it over the water so we could watch a vhs instructional video. "don't!" i thought.

next, i'm in an instructional video. i'm a pilot sitting in an airplane cockpit. the video is for pilots. the narrarator says "always have a moth in the window with some food" as if a moth in the cockpit will help you detect pressure changes. what?

there was more but i forgot it all.

the end?

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