Friday, March 21, 2014

war, fast food, box trucks, dead birds & a missing shitty gig


i was in some war, but it was not me. i was black. lots of carnage. it was depressing. i can't remember too many details now, but after the war i worked at a fast food place. more discrimination and depression. when i wrote it down the dream was vivid. i can barely remember it now.

at some point i am driving a box truck. looks more like a UPS vehicle. i'm in the small downtown area at night. one of the main streets went from one way to two way and i'm on it. except it's not marked. and there are no stop signs or lights. so i'm having fun, yet being careful. no cars are anywhere on the streets. i finally pull up a ramp and onto a raised parking area. it surrounds a huge wall, probably 100 feet high or more, on top of which are apartments. i park on a corner and there are no rails, so i have to be careful or the truck will tumble off the edge.

i go inside my apartment. my four parakeets are dead. someone shoved the cage in the closet. my friend alex pops in as i'm trying to revive them, but they are all stiff. he says they were being very loud. "they were dying" i tell him.

shitty gig: i wrote down 'shitty gig' and i remember enough that there was a long sequence that was awful but i can't remember anything else. will post later if it comes back to me. gah
there was another part where i was talking to a bunch of little kids and they thought i was hilarious. i have no idea what happened.

the end?

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