Friday, March 7, 2014

lost in boston, returning to animals on the loose


we're on vacation in an alternate reality boston, the headquarters of the reeses chocolate company. we're trying to get out of town and heading the wrong way, so we get out and start walking. there is a sidewalk filled with people that goes above the motorway and we need to get across it.

the only other part i remember, we came home from the trip but were returning to my childhood home. my wife let me go in first as she needed to park the truck (which is her older black truck). i open the front door and inside is a huge mess of bird seed and animal food all over the dining room floor. there is mango (the sun conure), presto (the cat) and dorothy (the dwarf rabbit). they are all out and playing on the floor. i am freaked out for a second because birds and cats aren't supposed to mix. then mango leans her head into presto as she passes, exactly like presto leans into you when she wants to be petted. so i realize they are friends and mango learned her mannerisms. but i still have to clean up all the mess before my wife comes in.

the end?

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