Thursday, March 20, 2014

dude buggy colbert - film beach krimm colts


i'm on a beach riding dune buggies with stephen colbert. he wants to race and i agree. i decide to go behind the rocky hills but there is no path there. i lose.

then we're on the set of a movie. it's a small room off the beach. light wooden paneling. dark wooden furniture. the wall facing the beach is missing, so the camera can shoot. there is a mirror above the dresser that reflects the ocean. i can't make out who else is in the film, seems like one or more of the indianapolis colts. finally someone yells and there is an open portal across the way. i can see a similar room through the opening. the eldemur krimm guys are there. fred comes through and i yell for him to come over where we're shooting but he gets spooked and goes back through the portal. when i finally get over there it is closed.

the end?

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