Tuesday, March 25, 2014

burned man, rastafarian engineer, pee pee slot machine


i wake up in some sort of metal room. it looks like a lab but it is also a recording studio. there is a team of doctors and nurses working on a man who is burned very badly. his skin is burnt completely black, with cracks of red around the edges. they are doing vitamin injections directly into his skin. he doesn't appear to feel anything but he knows i am in the room. he doesn't speak to me but he looks at me several times. he's alternately lying down and sitting up, talking normally. he looks like a cross between a zombie and a comic book character. i guess am there because the band is using the studio during the day.

earlier, when the band is setting up in the studio, a tall rastafarian guy comes in and tells us we have to leave. his dreads go all the way down his back. allegedly we keep breaking into the studio. he tells us we can't record there. except he records us anyways since we are already set up.(?)

eventually, i walk out of the room with the burned man and into what looks like a cross between a shopping mall and a level of DOOM III. i can only see about 20 feet and the rest is pitch black. i'm on a metal deck which is above a lower level. there are metal hand rails. there are a bunch of people out there on the deck. i have to pee really bad. i walk up to some kind of slot machine and lift it open at the center. i realize i'm standing there in tighty whiteys. i start to relieve myself and some woman asks if i have a problem cause she's going to watch. that freaks me out so i tell her i'm going to go outside instead. having to pee eventually wakes me up.

the end?

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