Tuesday, March 4, 2014

dirt roads, luxury homes, blood draw, basement bar


 driving on a dirt road between the open ocean and empty fields, as far as the eye can see. except it's overcast. the wind is blowing a chilly breeze. the car is a dark color. i can't tell who else is in the car. i can't tell how long we've been driving. we're not sure if we are heading the right way so we try to turn around and get stuck in the mud.

next we are further down the road, looking at luxury homes, right on the beach. there seems to be a cluster of them together. we come around a curve and there is a stream running away from the ocean. we follow the stream and it goes directly in front of one of the homes. the house is a dull green with dull yellow trim, a large front porch that doubles as an open-air living room. there are dark triangular windows and i can see the ocean through another set of windows on the inside. the front porch steps lead right into the stream.
"this seems unusual?" i ask to no one in particular.
suddenly, a real estate agent says "oh it's perfectly safe. in fact, this house is already sold. the owners are coming right now!" some people with luggage arrive and say hello. they say the house is safe.

we continue walking along the stream and come upon another home. it looks like a big log cabin, also with a porch. the entire structure seems covered in black tree bark. on the porch are cots with people lying down. it looks like they are giving blood. a nurse in a cream colored outfit and hat comes up and greets us.
"are you hear for your test?"
"uh, no thanks"
"they are free"
"ok then"
she acts like she's going to get a blood drawing kit, i tell her i have my own. i pull out some sort of small black case from my pocket. inside are a few items that look like safety pins. one has a large fake diamond on one end. which kind of looks like a tiny disco ball. i start trying to poke my vein with it but the diamond keeps falling down and getting in the way. finally the cream colored nurse asks if i would like her to wake the lady up. "uh no?" i look over and behind the porch railing is my crazy neighbor lady, snoring on a cot. i scream "NO" but it's too late, she's starting to open her eyes. we start walking quickly away.

eventually we're far away from the ocean. walking through a big yard with freshly mowed grass. it's still overcast but slightly less so than earlier. we're at the home of a friend. it's a one story ranch type of deal with grey siding. i have the friend on the phone since we don't have a key. i walk into the open garage making a sexually offensive joke and he tells me to cool it. his niece or grandaughter is inside the home. oh. sorry.

now i am in my own bar. it's in a basement somewhere. it looks somewhat like indy's jukebox but the layout is different. and the wood paneling is black. the stage is off to the left. there is a hallway that doubles as a backstage. we just opened the place and are having an open mic night. i am going to get up and read lyrics to doors songs in some funny voice. there are only about 4 people there. i can't actually see the bar or how big the room is because i never look that direction. suddenly i need to leave for some reason. i must be my instincts because cadger and his friend walk in. oh well i should probably take my p.a. too. i start unplugging this little combo amp from a cd player and my old aiwa shelf stereo that stopped playing cds in 1995. i put all of them on a dolly and walk past cadger. he is pissed. i think they were going to get up and do wino songs. too bad.

there seems to be more but that's all i can remember

the end?

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