Wednesday, February 19, 2014

stolen car, breaking in, heart condition, i don't steal books

So this morning's weird dream:

i left my hometown on foot and walked through the snow for an unknown length of time. eventually i came across a 70s style gas-guzzling green car with the door unlocked. i jumped in and took off in it. i kept driving until i got to a dark, poor neighborhood. i think i'm in Alexandria (Indiana). the car starts spinning due to the ice, and i am heading for some sort of concrete hole in the ground. it is probably 8 feet by 30 feet long and had thin, black metal bars cross-hatched on the top in 1 foot squares. i swerve hard to miss it but i hit the concrete so hard a wheel popped off and the car came to a stop. i took a look but there was no way to replace it. the neighborhood is quiet, it feels like dawn will be breaking soon. the cheap, old homes were all dark colors and seemed foreboding. i needed to rest, so i found an apartment that didn't seem to have any tenants. looking through the window i could see dust and pale orange walls. i broke in somehow and started milling around. 

i must have found something to sleep on, because now it is morning. my wife is there, she's in the bathroom getting ready. there's a man there, i can't remember who he was. he looks like dennis hopper or ricardo montalban or robert di niro. he's sitting at the kitchen table and dropping words of wisdom and i'm wondering how they got in and what else happened last night. eventually the landlord shows up and he has the tenants with him. people are asking about the car too. i get ready to go to face him and di niro says "heart condition" as i walk past him. so that's my excuse.

"i have a heart condition sir," i say as i flip through the contacts on my smart phone, showing him that i am not a bum, that i have friends. "i had to break in because it was cold and my heart condition... uh" i trail off. the man seems to accept this line of reasoning and we walk back inside. in a back room that i was unaware of, a tenant is looking closely over the massive blue bookcases. the room looks like a garage and has pipes in the ceiling. he's asking me about the books. "which ones did i steal?" none of them. he can't believe i didn't take them. he is scoffing at me.

then i hear the bird making her 'wake up' noises and i'm awake in bed. the end?

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