Tuesday, February 25, 2014

spanish breakfast, country superstars, guitar solo anxiety

two brief dreams:

in the first, i am in an open courtyard, between tall grey apartment buildings. young trees all around. tall tables and chairs. groups of people eating and talking. there are a few friends with me, but they seem a little more than normal. we are looking at menus and talking about the options. except it's not food we are discussing. it seems we are longtime soul-friends who are in a temporary staging area, between lives. the menus represent options for playing out our next reincarnations together. over and over in different lifetimes and family configurations. we choose "spanish breakfast" but i don't know which time period. i wake up and quickly lose other details of the dream.

the second, i am in a music studio with about 80 country superstars. we are doing a honky tonk version of 'we are the world'. i'm psyched to be there and hang out with charlie daniels, merle haggard, hank williams, dolly parton... but the director tells me it's time to cut my solo. panic fills my every cell because i have no idea what solo he's talking about. he tells me it's for the DTP song 'yes master' and i tell him i'm still not ready. the country stars all appear disappointed in me. i think i might throw up. luckily it's time to wake up and feed these animals.

the end?

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