Friday, February 21, 2014

rubber washers, arm & heads truck, orange turtleneck, LA zipline

squeaking out some more dream memories by emailing details when i wake up.
the farthest back i can remember is being in an electronics or auto parts store. i'm in the very back, looking through an aisle of small rubber washers. i only need a few of them. suddenly the fire alarm sounds off. there is smoke filling the air. i grab as many small rubber washers as i can and jam them in my jacket pocket and head towards the door. having trouble breathing as i get to the end of the aisle, all i can see is smoke. i take a big breathe of smoke and fall to my knees. i think i'm dying. yep. it's a transition. at first it is terrifying but peace washes over me and i move on.

next i'm in an upstairs room of what seems like my high school. i'm looking out the window talking to someone out of view. i see a work truck, with ladders and buckets. and an arm. i squint and realize there is a human arm hanging off the back. "there's an arm hanging off that truck!" i yell. then i see the heads. about 5 of them. sticking up on posts in the back of the bed. not sure how i missed them before. i'm starting to flip out but the voice out of view reassures me.

then i'm down on the ground below. it's a halloween celebration. skulls and jack-o-lanterns and body parts on the school grounds. the truck is driving around a halloween display. ok then.

the scene ends up shifting and i am inside a large convention in the gymnasium. there are long rows of tables and people sitting and eating. some guy in a thick, bright orange, turtleneck sweater is talking to the crowd. he looks like rob lowe with the big 80s feathered hair. something smarmy and degrading in his tone. he's talking about some life coaching something something. i am blocking it out. as soon as he is done he comes to where i'm sitting and leans over to say something in my ear. the first part i can't make out but the last part is "... and i am EVERYWHERE." and he's really spooky about it. i get up and follow him out of the gym. then i'm in a dressing room trying on ski pants in a mirror. but i'm wearing a bright orange turtleneck! no!

next i am a noob truck driver waiting in the DMV for some kind of answer. the kid behind the counter thinks he knows more than me and won't give me the info. his hair is really greasy for a government job. his jacket is stained with big grease spots too. he makes some snide remark like "you'd never know it" and walks off.

at this point i wake up and go to the bathroom. after sending an email with dream details to myself, i lie back down.

eventually i am part of a film crew working on a busy los angeles street corner. we are on the second floor landing of a yogurt and bicycle shop. we have a zip line going from the top of the landing down to the side of a clothing store across the intersection. the film is going to be a short about daredevils zipping across traffic. we are all done setting up for the day and i retire to my private bedroom, there inside the landing.

once i'm rested, i go down an escalator and i'm in a casino i've never seen before. i know i went down far enough to be underground but i can see daylight outside the windows. and i'm definitely not in los angeles anymore. i'm looking for anyone i recognize to no avail. i find a small door and go down a narrow staircase. the cocaine wolves are loading their gear to play a show there. it's a very small dim room with yellow walls. i don't see where there is even room to set up. but they are getting paid, right? no idea. i'd like to stay to see the show but i have to wake up now.

the end?

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