Friday, May 19, 2017

worst show of my life - ran a stop sign - russian spies


i'm at some crazy venue in some weird small town. i think mona runs the place. at what feels like the last minute, i'm asked to join this KISS tribute band promoted by nikki sixx's radio show. there are several dudes on the stage dressed as KISS members, and Tufty Clough is up there also. the audience of roughly 16 people is sitting in what looks like a tall set of blue bleachers, kind of like sea world. 

i come down from the crowd and nikki sixx hands me a white fender bass guitar with an animal print on the pickguard. i try to put it on but the fuzzy guitar strap is set for a left handed player. the show is put on hold while i take the bass guitar and strap up to some technician who is running sound. the band starts milling around and talking to each other while nikki sixx tries to keep the crowd momentum up by yapping non-stop. everyone is waiting and waiting. at this point 10-15 minutes have gone by and i decide i don't want to get up there at all as i am not prepared whatsoever. nikki sixx is getting pissed. he starts berating me over the PA system. i start yelling back and say i'm going to leave. tufty says he's going to leave if i leave. more yelling back and forth between nikki sixx, the band and me. i look over and the guy who is supposed to be fixing my guitar strap is playing on the internet on his laptop. i leave and drink a beer. finally i come back, the show is cancelled. everyone is angry at me about it and i tell someone this was the worst show of my life.

later in the dream, i am still mad about this fiasco, but i'm driving around in what feels like my first car, a 1980 oldsmobile cutlass brougham. i'm still in this small town and it's daylight. i come to a stop sign but i just tap on the breaks and keep going. then i make a huge U-turn and BOOM there's a cop on my ass with his lights on. busted. 

i wake up.

in another later dream, the band is all russian spies. we're on the road with this rental van and need drop it off and go home. but the rental company calls us and says we should go to a different location. this turns out to be american FBI agents and we figure it out at the last minute. then we spend the next few days trying to discern which rental car place is not infiltrated by FBI. i can't remember the rest.

the end?


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